The Words of the Orme Family

Report on the Second Annual European Conference

Doris Orme
October 31, 1970
Essen, West Germany

Opening Day Program

0900 Breakfast

1000 Singing

Opening Prayer and Welcoming Speech by conference President -- Doris Orme

1030 Reports by blessed couples who have recently been to Seoul, and Japan

a) Her Experiences in Japan-June Perrin

b) How blessed Couples Live in Korea -- Corrie Blanchard

c) About the Divine Wedding -- Gisela Winkler

d) Divine Principle Work in Japan -- Elizabeth Herzer

Closing Prayer -- Chrystal Werner

1300 Lunch

Free time

1530 Singing, Opening Prayer -- Gertrud Koch

Blessed Couples Reports

e) WACL Conference -- Norbert Boland

f) Economical Projects- Alec Herzer

g) Life of Our Leader -- Henri Blanchard

h) Future Plans of Our Leader -- Hans Winkler

Closing Prayer -- Gerhard Kunkel

1830 Dinner

2000 Prayer -- Pauline Verheyen

Children's Day Celebration

Master of Ceremonies Reiner Vincenz

Ballet -- Germany

Songs from Korea -- Blessed Couples

Film of Wedding -- Henri Blanchard

Talk by Peter Koch

Music by European Families

Closing Prayer -- Barbara Vincenz

Sunday 1st November

0500 Pledge

0930 Breakfast

1100 Service with the German Family

1300 Lunch

Followed by International Witnessing on the Kettwigstrasse

Also meeting of newly blessed couples with leaders of Countries who have been blessed

Opening prayer -- Barbara Zaccarelli

Closing prayer -- Herman Ten Bokkel Huinink

1830 Dinner

2000 Singing, prayer -- Martin Porter

National reports: Austria, Britain, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Italy and Jordan

Closing prayer -- Ursula Schulunann

Monday 2nd November 1970 Third Day

0900 Breakfast

1000 Singing, Prayer -- Friedhilde Bachle

Nations Reports:

Lebanon, Luxembourg, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey

Closing Prayer-Teddy Verheyen

1300 Lunch

Main Hall:

Final Question and Answer Period under Johann van der Stok i.e. WACL, Wedding, Korea and Japan

Singing and Prayer

Meeting of National Leaders

Opening Prayer -- Robert Brandner

Closing Prayer -- Dawn Porter

1830 Dinner

2000 Singing and Prayer Johann van der Stok

Building the Heart of Europe -- Dennis Orme

Election of President of Conference for 1971/2

Closing Address by Doris Orme, including the announcement of President Elect for 1971/2, and venue for next conference


A Few Words from the Next President

Closing Prayer -- Paul Werner

Sunday Afternoon

The National Leaders who were blessed and the blessed couples from Korea and Japan (European Couples) discussed intimate details of talks held in Korea and Japan. This meeting was very helpful in clearing up several misunderstandings.

Monday Afternoon

National Leaders met together and discussed various problems. The first being communication. Fourteen telegrams were sent to Seoul over the blessing and we wondered if they had arrived.

Discussions ranged over a broad field and included finance. Because so many countries had peculiar restrictions the leaders agreed that technically it is not feasible to work in the same manner as USA for example. If the Common Market expanded to include all nations then this would obviously enable us to work together on a very much closer basis.

Owing to the problems of postal communications which vary country to country we agreed that the leaders should meet every two months on weekend for general talks. This would greatly encourage closer working together. The first meeting was arranged for Vienna on January 9th.

The next annual conference was to be held in Vienna on the last weekend in June-27/28/29/30.

It was agreed to restrict the numbers attending to about six per country. Members who are strong and potential leaders.

The discussion then turned to more intimate things concerning relationships between countries and between leaders.

Much was discussed frankly and candidly.

One thing that emerged from all this was how there is a pattern of behavior at each conference. Satan works to cause mistrust between leaders and accusations are made that a leader or the President is seeking to dominate others. It is natural that Satan works this way as he does not want a strong leader to emerge in Europe or even a leader at all. Ultimately Europe must have a Father and Mother to represent Our True Father and Mother and all leaders felt this. Likewise unless the leader or President exerts his or herself then they will be accused of not leading! The Leaders all felt this and that the position of the President of the Conference was not easy, as all saw Satan working in this way.

Although judgment remained strong in this meeting much good came out of it. 

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