The Words of the Orme Family

Strengthen The Unified Family movement in every way

Dennis and Doris Orme
January 1, 1970
London, UK

Dennis and Doris Orme

Just as the clouds of war gathered ever Europe in the nineteen thirties so today Britain lies very much asleep as clouds gather across the world. Facing into the future, we know next year, the battle for the Heavenly Kingdom on Earth will certainly grow more intense.

As the judgment increases the forces of good and evil will stand out in greater relief. Therefore our prayers and our endeavor will be to keep as close to the Heavenly Father as possible, working like our beloved leader Sun Myung Moon, following his great example. As I write this we are now in our second forty day condition and we intend to enter 1970 with as strong a foundation as possible. That will be our beginning for the New Year.

Our aim is to strengthen The Unified Family movement in every way we can reaching into the heart of the British people. What is done in Korea, Japan, USA, Germany and the other countries strengthens the movement here in Britain. The way of the world brings to us news of Father's work in the cities towns and villages encouraging us greatly. Likewise we know that what we do here for our Heavenly Father strengthens the movement elsewhere. To be part of the New Kingdom of God on Earth where no continent is too large, no country too small, no village is to remote for Our Father is wonderful. This is one of the aspects of the Father's Kingdom that fills us all with great joy, As we continue to build the Father's Kingdom in 1970 we shall realize the dream of our forefathers -- A Unified Family, a Unified world. Our Leader's great vision, wisdom, love and effort will enable us to release our nations from their bondage to Satan. We pray that we may work continually to guide this nation and many more towards God's Kingdom on Earth.

When we read of Father's work in the Korean villages we feel such joy and longing for our homeland. We are so grateful for all our beloved Leader has accomplished, and for all those who have supported Father and Mother with such devotion. The entire British Family long to visit our homeland and we know that we have much to learn from Korea. We need the great love, energy, discipline and heart of Unified Family members in Korea!

As the nineteen seventies unfold we pray that we may work quickly to build Father's the Kingdom. In Britain we hope we can support the great work being accomplished in Korea, the U.S.A., Japan and Germany together with all the other nations. Individually and nationally we in Britain pray that we may serve those working for Our Heavenly Father and Our True parents wherever we can, and bring about a unified world under God.

Happy New Year to our Father and Mother and all Family Members, In Our True Parents Name.

Dennis and Doris Orme 

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