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Captive Nations Week

Doris Orme
July 25, 1971
Fulham Old Town Hall, London

On the platform speakers and flags of all captive nations. Meeting was held on Sunday, July 25th, 1971 at the Fulham Old Town Hall in Lon 'ion.

We are gathered here commemorating Captive Nations Week. This nation, England, which has been a refuge for those who have long been persecuted by various tyrannical regimes, I feel, threatened at this moment in history more than at any other occasion since 1066. If you can remember, that was when William the Conqueror invaded this country.

The people of this nation, I am afraid are not awake to the subversive activities of the Communist Bloc, and have through various means of propaganda been lulled into a state of sheer complacency. Particularly the youth of today are the greatest victims of this gigantic campaign of paganistic theology, whose aim is to totally annihilate freedom from the minds and hearts of all mankind. But can we truthfully say that England here is from captive? No we cannot. We are not free from the vile, subversive dictates of men who plot day and night our downfall with the very computers we have sold to them. These men who differ in one respect only from Attila the Hun namely, that they attend the Bolshoi, in between plotting the destruction of our way of life, in the meantime pretend peace, whilst increasing their deadly stranglehold on us, their victims.

With the English Unified Family Singers, show was held on Saturday, July 24th, 1971 at the Eastbaurue Town. Hall, London

Though at this moment we are not at war, we are absolutely and totally at war with an ideology that will enslave the minds and hearts of every God-fearing person in existence. Then you may ask me, "What must we do about this situation?"

I believe we must flood this nation with the truth until it bows before the truth, then Britannia must rise again to fight the foe to its last drop of blood to release the minds and hearts of all men here in Europe and throughout the captive nations of the world.

I can only this afternoon plead with each one of you to remember England: she needs you. For, I feel that so many of you here in this auditorium who have suffered so deeply at the hands of these evil monsters, must be the saviors -- but also you must be saviors of Great Britain.

These boards are used for campaigns for Victory over Communism

Your young people specifically must express at every given opportunity to the youth of this nation the hideous nature of Soviet so-called liberation. They must convey constantly what is transpiring today in the captive nations, because, believe me, the youth of this nation are not aware of this. You must show the English youth and all peoples in England that your love and concern lies here in England as well as your own nations. If I am not too bold, I may say perhaps it should here first and then I am sure that it will spark a love in the hearts of the youth of England and ultimately in the hearts of all English people a great and lasting love for all the captive nations. They will then take upon themselves the task of freeing those nations held in bondage.

I reiterate this fact through the words of one of the greatest emancipators this world has ever know-that man whom you all know-Jesus Christ, He said; "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I also recall in the Bible a story which may explain this to you more readily. You remember Jacob: he suffered under Laban, his uncle, in the land of Haran, for 21 years. However, he was never discouraged. Finally, after this period, hardship, he made his way into the land of Canaan to his brother Esau. Esau, if you remember, had been sitting at home living rather lavishly, having a comparatively easy time. Although Jacob had suffered much, he was still generous to Esau and loved him and gave everything he had to him. It was previously Esau who had sought to kill him, yet Esau in turn gave all his love to Jacob. You, here in this audience -- I feel -- are Jacob and England is Esau. I ask you to give your hearts in concern to England now for she is threatened by the same force that has dispersed you and your people.

The Unified Family Singers entertained their guests with songs and dancing during the afternoon, July 10th

Fight for her, as she needs you: you people who keep the flame of freedom held so high and so close to your hearts. Then I am sure that God almighty will assist us all in freeing the people of the entire world from the Soviet oppression. Remember this, God is always on our side, together with all those who have gone before us. Many of them have died for the freedom we have today and have inspired us with their words and their deeds written and spoken many years ago. These souls are fighting alongside of us in spirit and we cannot lose, for we are united in heart. We must win.

The Ambassador of Vietnam, His Excellency Le Ngoc Chau held a reception on July 18th at his residence in Wimbledon, South West London. Mr. Dennis F. Orme is speaking.

Lady Birdwood so aptly said the other evening, "It is not the possible we must do in this hour, but the impossible we must do." Let us make our motto: We shall do the impossible for the nation of England and for all captive nations of the world."

I would like to sing a song for you now which is very close to my heart, and it tells a story of a great champion: a champion by the name of Moses. He was up against man would call an impossible situation to lead 600,0000 people out of bondage -- an eighty-year-old man; but he performed through his determination, with the help of God, the impossible. 

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