The Words of the Orme Family

Master's Visit To Rome, Italy

Doris Walder (Orme)
August 25, 1965
New Age Frontiers -- September 1965

Dearest Brothers and Sisters:

At last the day has come and gone when the True Christ has walked through the streets of ancient Rome and made Satan's stronghold God's for all eternity. I cannot find words to express to you, my beloved Family, the feelings within me at the moment our Father blessed Rome.

The party arrived in Rome at approximately 9 pm on Wednesday, August 18. They went immediately to the Hotel Mondial on the Via Torino. I was teaching a group of people at the time they arrived and immediately after the class was over I dashed over to the hotel. As usual my heart stopped beating and seemed to turn over when I laid eyes on our beloved Father. It was such a joy to see our Mrs. Choi and Miss Kim and Mr. Nishikawa, not to mention our dear brothers Peter and Paul.

We met the next morning at 9 and went immediately to bless Holy Ground. It is located in a very centralized park called the Villa Borghese. The spot he chose was the exact location where I have prayed and witnessed many times. When the blessing took place, a tremendous force came down upon us and many saints, martyrs and popes appeared. I saw the late Pope John, and Peter and Paul. Barbara felt tremendous pressure on her shoulders and head, as did Paul. Amelita Stacy was with us, and after the blessing she did a wonderful job of guiding the party around Rome.

We visited many historical places: the Coliseum; the Circus Maximums where Christians were martyred; the catacombs where the early Christians were buried, and where they hid away from the persecution of the Romans; the prison of St. Peter and St Paul; and the Roman Forum. We had lunch at a little Trattoria (restaurant) where Amelita and I live called Nicolaus. Amelita ordered various dishes of pasta and we all enjoyed it very much. In the evening Amelita made a delicious Chinese dinner.

The following day we went to the Vatican. Our Leader blessed Holy Ground right in front of St. Peter's Basilica where the obelisk is located. Again, it was the exact spot where I had prayed many times and where I met Father Constantino Nueva. I had not told our Leader that the two places he had chosen to bless were the ones where I had come many times to pray. The spirit world descended with great force and my heart was overflowing with gratitude to our beloved Lord. I also felt great sorrow from those saints who had died for this day to come and who were so longing to be on the earth plane in physical at this glorious time.

After the blessing we went to the Vatican Museum. The works of art there are simply magnificent. We also visited the Pantheon which is the most important monument archaeologically, having been built 27 years before Christ. It is also the royal morgue where the Italian kings are buried, and several artists including Raphael. One of Amelita's ancestors, R. De Honestis, is also buried there.

Mrs. Virginia Nathan met us a little later and we all went to lunch at Nicola's. After lunch we resumed our sightseeing. We visited the museum in the Villa Borghese where many famous works of art are displayed. From there we visited the famous Trevi Fountain ('Three Coins in the Fountain'), and then to the beautiful Piazzo Navena.

Later we went to Barbara's apartment for a delicious dinner. She is a wonderful cook and all of us, especially our Leader, really enjoyed ourselves. Barbara shares the apartment with Rita Holmes who has been extremely helpful to me in many ways. She has introduced me to many people, and also mimeographed 30 copies of the Leader's life which Barbara had translated into Italian.

Eduardo Boriello was also there. He is translating the Principle into Italian. We had a very wonderful evening. The next morning our Leader, Mrs. Choi, Miss Kim, Paul and I went to Napoli. Our Leader wanted to visit three cities in Italy, which he did: Venice, Rome and Napoli.

We went up on a mountain overlooking Napoli, then down through the city and over to the shipping area. Napoli is a very beautiful seaport city. We arrived back in Rome about 6 pm and went to Mrs. Nathan's home for dinner. She and I had invited several people, so we were about 25 all together. She had prepared a lovely dinner, and later our Leader spoke.

Mrs. Nathan had received through spirit about the Leader the night before his arrival in Rome. The next day, Sunday, August 22, was time for our beloved Leader to leave. My heart was aching so terribly I thought it would break. On our way to the airport, I wanted to stop the time and turn it back to relive again those three days we were together. Spirits were all around us and I felt sorrow as I have never felt before. It. was as if they were imploring our Master not to leave Rome, and begging him to come back soon.

As Peter, Paul, Amelita and I stood on the plane platform and watched them enter the plane, I wanted to run after them and beg them not to leave. Our Leader's seat was by the window and he held his hand against the window in the sign of victory. I will never forget that moment and the intense feeling of love from our Master, yet deep sorrow within me realizing that we may not see him for quite some time.

When we drove back to Rome, it had changed. The feeling of love I had felt for this great city before was a hundred times more than before because of the tears of compassion our Leader had shed while blessing the Holy Ground. That evening Peter, Paul, Barbara and I got together and talked about our experiences. All of a sudden our Leader appeared in the midst of us. He was looking at the city of Athens and I felt tremendous excitement and also sorrow. Then he smiled and said, "In this city are many prepared, as it was in the days of old when Christianity was established and the Greeks embraced Christ more than those to whom he had come originally." I felt a great desire coming from him to send a missionary quickly to this area. We were all filled with joy. Paul broke out in a sweat allover his body, and we all felt a tremendous burning and spiritual power.

Paul and Peter left the next day for Germany, and the work began again -- not in Satan's city, but in God's city of Rome: Multo Amore. 

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