The Words of the Orme Family

We put on our show at the Oxford City Hall

Dennis Orme
January 31, 1972
Reading, Great Britain

The Unified Family Singers perform at Oxford City Hall

Dear Mr. [Young Hwi] Kim,

The whole family fasted three days prior to God's Day toy make condition for 1972. So the month began with God's Day celebration. Members visited the Holy Ground, and over fifty members joined together for the evening service. God's Day brought two new members Joe and Julia Slavonitzs who have lived in this country for over twenty years since leaving their native Hungary. Joe had received revelation some years ago that the Messiah was on Earth. Also present were Douglas and Bee Darby from Swaziland three members from Edinburgh -- Dennis and June Perrin and Eric Holt. Several new songs were sung and we all felt the Father's Heart and resolved to meet 1972 with greater love and dedication.

With the expansion of the family a third minibus was purchased which was put into immediate use in our campaigns. On the 8th January, at 8 p.m. we put on our show at the Oxford City Hall. We sold over two thousand programs and over two hundred people attended the show. Many of the audience wished to know when we are going to put on another show. We were also able to make a film of the show and the campaigns the following day. This film we hope can be made into a documentary about The Father's Family in England.

On three successive weekends the family made indemnity for the protection of Our Homeland and for more members to come into the movement. Led by Dennis Orme seven men walked the forty eight mile long ring road encircling London. Praying for Our Homeland and the world this is always a moving experience, it is seldom that we can put in 15 hours continuous prayer. For three successive weekends, beginning on Friday evening, a party of seven men set out finishing the following afternoon. This walk always brings us closer to Our Father and we realize as we walk through the night how Father can never rest, how night and day Satan is trying to undermine the freedom of our brothers and sisters in Korea. Although it may be cold, wet and windy all finish with bright and shining faces.

Two workshops were held at Rowlane Farmhouse and both provided us wit's much joy as we were able to introduce new members to Our Father. The great variety of members attending these workshops is a stimulating experience.

In addition a visit was made to the southwest of England in the neighborhood of Plymouth where we hope to establish a center. This followed the visit to Rowlane of a solicitor from Devon to one of the workshops. He kindly put us up whilst we visited the area.

We also began a financial drive to collect money and donations during the last week of the month. Earlier Dennis Orme gave a lecture to over one hundred boys at Brighton College, talking about the communist threat. We also were able to show a film of Korea entitled "Twenty Years after the Korean War" by courtesy of the Korean Embassy.

Our Hyde Park Corner speaking condition was continued and on the last Sunday of the month Dennis Orme spoke at the Ukrainian gathering prior to the demonstration outside the Soviet Embassy in London.

This month saw several new members join the family, and gave us a good start to the New Year.

Deepest lose in our Father's Name,
English Family 

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