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Religious Group Picks Oxon Farm for HQ

Dennis Orme
April 22, 1971
The Evening Post daily newspaper

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Orme at Rowlane Farm

An 18th century farmhouse in the picturesque village of Dunsden, near Reading, is to be the headquarters of a religious group whose aim is to unify the Christian world.

The official name of the movement, which is active in 35 countries throughout the world, is The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity.

But the members of the movement prefer to be less formal and describe themselves as part of the "family of Christ."

The group has only recently taken over Rowlane Farmhouse at Dunsden, and is at the moment busily preparing and renovating the house and grounds to start its work.

Nearly all the members have full-time jobs in other fields--- chartered accountants, electrical engineers, teachers, social workers---and many students.

The movement was started in South Korea in 1954 by Mr. Sun M. Moon, and came to this country three years ago. It now has centers in South London, Windsor, Edinburgh and Dublin.

The director of the movement is Mr. Dennis Orme, who is at present at Rowlane Farm, with his wife, Doris, helping to get the new center on its feet.

About eight people are resident at the farm at the moment, but this will be built up when the center becomes fully active and members start giving instruction.

The course of instruction is split into 12 parts, and people will be able to attend the center either for a week or at weekends.

At the moment with work still being done on the house and grounds, the various talents of the members are being used fully---the carpenter, the gardener and the decorator. 

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