The Words of the Orme Family

In the Shoes of a Servant!

Dennis F. Orme
January 31, 1971
The Second Annual European Conference

Welcome to this conference. As always it is wise to ponder how Satan works. History shows us that in Europe Satan has had his greatest successes, Hannibal, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Attila the Hun and Napoleon Bonaparte are just a few names that remind us of man's attempts at domination. Europe has its bright spots also, Greece became a fountain of light and learning where Socrates before Christ taught of the eternal spirit world. It was the Greeks who saved Christianity, who gave the Roman States whatever fine arts that were in later years to adorn most of Europe. Yes this continent of ours is a bloody battle ground between Good and Evil. As we join together this weekend we know half of Europe lies shrouded behind an Iron Curtain.

Where does this conference fit in? Our Leader requested it. Why? Because it is vital for the restoration of Europe and the World as a whole. Satan who has divided nations through national pride, jealousy, material wealth, etc., still seeks to divide. Even within the Family Satan seeks to divide. Some countries may suppose they are superior to others. Lucifer supposed he was superior to God. Yes the way of principle is the reverse, it is! In the Shoes of a Servant! Necessarily this must be so.

We raise ourselves through raising others. We as nations raise our nations through serving others, putting other nations before our own, putting other people before our own. Is there any nation that feels it has done 100% for all other nations. Now let us be honest with ourselves. We can never count ourselves successful until Father's Heart is completely restored. We have nothing to be proud about, instead if we are victorious in one area let us gird ourselves for our next battle with Satan. We have had nine couples blessed in Seoul, have you not felt any sorrow that for of over two hundred million people Europe had only 18 to comfort the Father's Heart.

This is our opportunity to share our experiences in battle with Satan. To give to each other of our experiences. To explore the Father's Heart that longs for all nations to be restored. Here by our action we can make condition for Korea to be united, for the world to be united and Europe to be restored.

The restoration and therefore unity of Europe will not be easily accomplished. Satan will try and thwart our every action. Satan will continue to seek to divide the Family. Let us therefore be on our guard lest we think European Unity will follow because we all believe in the Divine Principle. It is not our belief in Principle that will unite Europe but our use of it that will unite the World. Likewise with what our beloved Leader says. It is possible for our Leader to place a different emphasis on what he says in different countries. Then members may argue about what Leader says. Theologians constantly do this causing much confusion in Christianity.

Therefore we have to understand our Leader's unique position lest we fall into this trap. We have to realize how our Leader really seeks to expose Satan. Father works to deal with Satan who works in one nation one way, and in another nation in another way. Some nations may require more determination, another greater discipline, a third greater variety of activity, a fourth greater wisdom to balance its discipline and determination. Sometimes he may talk about a principle, sometimes he may be talking about a specific fact or set of circumstances. The key to our understanding is to understand His Heart. The key to our understanding each other is the degree with which our hearts are open to each other and the Heavenly Father.

We are fighting on all fronts, financially, physically, mentally and spiritually with heart, mind and body. Our Father therefore works on all levels. He comes to restore the Heart of God, the Heart of the People of the World and the Heart of Europe. Satan works to separate individuals, nations and continents. If the success of this conference depend upon our belief of Divine Principle or our belief in our Leader its success would be assured. The success of the conference depends, however, upon our ability to feel as Our Father feels, think as Our Father thinks and the degree with which we can comfort by loving others as He loves them.

Yes, we think of the hundreds of miles our brothers and sisters walked in Korea with bloody aching feet, each footfall causing pain, each step a step for the rest of the world. These are steps that enable us to be here today. Hour after _painful hour, step after painful step, in the darkness of night and the heat of the day. Truly they walked with the shoes of a servant in service for all mankind. Have we the spirit to serve our brothers and sisters in the world, in Korea, in Japan, in the United States, in Europe, in Africa, and in Australia? Let this be our motto-In the Shoes of a Servant. 

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