The Words of the Orme Family

Doris Orme: Living with the presence of God

Nancy Aune
Circa 1977

You feel the presence of God every second, it's fantastic," said Mrs. Doris Orme of her experience attending Father during last summer's home church crusade in England. "I was with him every day, only one afternoon I wasn't with him. Four months, morning noon and night; breakfast, lunch and dinner; and all night most of the time until three or four o'clock in the morning Because Father doesn't sleep, he sleeps only three hours a day. So if you are with him you don't sleep much.

It was a wonderful experience to be with Father like that. I found that I had to continually remain very humble and knock myself down all the time. If you feel you are worthy to be there then you are in trouble. But if you feel you are not worthy, then you really feel good.

So I always knew that really I am not worthy to be there. If I even thought one moment that I'd like to sit down now, I've done enough work then I really got attacked by the spirit world It's not easy to be with Father, but it's also wonderful.

Many nights I'd sit and get him drinks and that, and he'd be studying and writing or reading letters He'd read everything from all over the world, Father himself. And just sitting in his presence while he was doing that I could stay there all night; even if I was dead tired I couldn't leave that spot because I felt such an extremity of love of God that I would be bathed in that love, waves and waves of love just spreading over me.

I would sit sometimes and cry, it was such a wonderful experience just to be there. And I remember the time I was out I was always with him, if I wasn't with him I was with the children all the time I had to go for the whole afternoon and didn't get back until later in the night around eight o'clock I just felt panicky to get back there to be with him. It was such a pull from the spirit to be with him; I just had to see him. So when I got into the room I couldn't help saying Father, I missed you so much today! I didn't see you all day!' He looked at me and said T missed you too.' He's a very loving father, and very sensitive If he feels that sometimes people around him are not happy even eating many times he just wouldn't eat. I've watched him many times he cannot eat anything.

One day I was fasting I didn't feel well. Father didn't eat much and I felt really bad that I had done that. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself when I did that, and I felt very bad because Father didn't eat either. He's very, very sensitive. He said, "Why are you not eating?" That struck me very deeply.

And many times when I was with the children they were crying and begging Father to sleep. Because many times his eyes are completely blood-shot and still he won't stop. Ye-Jin used to say to him, "You have to go to bed, Father, you must go to bed." She would actually cry. "Please go to bed, just take a nap." Then he would sometimes give in. But we'd go out, Ye-Jin and I, and when we came back he was up. He just did it to please her.

When he came he brought one suit and one pair of pants with him for four months. I was getting upset because he was always wearing the same pair of pants and every other night I would wash them.

They got so frayed in the seams that you couldn't mend them any more. So I came to him and said, "Father, your pants are getting really bad, you must buy another pair of pants. You can't keep wearing these every day!"

"These pants are very comfortable," he said to me. "I have worn them many years. I like these pants. I don't want any new pants."

"But Father, these are falling off, I can't sew them any more!"

He said to me, "I don't need pants; don't bother me about pants. There are more important things; God is doing so much in this world!"

And you know, he wore that pair four months. I finally got so upset because I was afraid they might rip while he was walking. So I measured the pants and I went to the shop and I bought him two pair of pants. I put them on the bed, all fixed (because they have to be altered for him). Do you think he wore those pants? No. They were in the closet.

He wore the same shirt; I don't know how many times, day after day after day I kept washing it. It was so old. I said to him, "Father remember the shirt I bought you, it's hanging in the closet."

But he said, "Don't you know I like this shirt!"

And I said, "I knew, you wear it so often!"

"Seven years I'm wearing this shirt!" he said. Seven years! This is something members don't know about lather. People buy for him, OK he accepts but for himself to buy? He never will; nothing! He bought suits for all the national leaders, the guards and the drivers. Anybody that went with him anywhere he bought suits.

Not inexpensive, but very expensive suits. He wouldn't buy himself a suit. I got myself upset because he had one suit with him, you know. He wore that suit every time he spoke.

Because his mind is so centered on God and so centered on his mission, those things are not important to him He doesn't even think about them. Everybody else takes care of that. That is his attitude. He appreciates every thing you do for him, even the smallest thing.

We baked some cakes for him He liked them because they were homemade, although he doesn't eat much sweets. The members made upside down cake and all kinds of things he likes.

I bought some fancy cakes from the bakery one time and he said, "Are the members eating these?" And I said no, so he said, "I don't want them if the other members don't eat."

And even the children are the same. People think well, Father's children get everything. Everyone gets hand-me-downs. In-Jin-Nim gives to Un-Jin-Nim, then Un-Jin-Nim gives to the next one; and the boys do same. They don't get much.

I took the three children around Europe. They had very little money with them; hardly anything. Father gave them only a little bit for souvenirs. When we went to France, Heung-jin had a little money to buy some souvenirs. But he saw the French driver whose shoes were broken. He said, "Is that your only shoes?" and the driver said, "Yes, but I'll get some later." Then he didn't buy any souvenirs, he bought new shoes for the driver.

The children are so loving. If you give love to them, they respond in such a beautiful way.

The children are amazed by their parents' love for the world, although they themselves have to go through a lot. They're abused in the schools because of who they are. It's very difficult for the children.

And Father never stops. Day and night people are there to talk with him, and the phone is ringing off the hook with people calling from all over the world. Mother says it's the most exciting life you could live; there's never a dull moment. It's like being with God himself. When you're with Father you feel you're always in Heaven, you're just floating.

When Father left (England) I felt my heart would break I cried and cried. It felt like my heart stopped. No one else could love me like that, not even my husband. 

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