The Words of the Orme Family

The Federation for World Peace and Unification Established in England

Dennis Orme
April 7, 1970

As followings, our Unified Family in England established an organization of The Federation for World Peace and Unification on 7th April 1970 and they introduced of the organization in "The Unified Family" of April issue and their Declaration was also published in the booklet.

Introducing the Federation for World Peace and Unification

As the work of the Unified Family Movement spreads across the world Our Founder-Leader has asked us to promote the cause of World Peace and Unification by reaching out and bringing together all who seek to build a world of true peace, love, beauty and Godliness.

We recognize that true Unity must be achieved horizontally between peoples, vertically between the spirit worlds and Our Heavenly Father. One cannot have peace on Earth without peace in the spirit. Hence the great commandment of Jesus that first we must love God before all else, with heart, mind and body. Then indeed we would have peace on Earth.

Consequently it has to be recognized that there can be no peace with evil, no compromise with evil doers if we are to build the Kingdom of God. Those who promote atheism in fact promote a malaise, a mental turmoil that would turn the world into a morass of tyranny and materialism. A Dark Age would descend on this Earth of terrifying proportions- concentration camps, asylums, mental and nervous disorders of unparalleled dimensions would disturb our civilization. Once man is cut off from the Creative Source of His Being he has to seek stimulation in other forms. A Godless Society turns to drugs drink, violence, gambling and hedonism for its stimulation with its side effects of immorality and permissiveness.

The Federation will be a vehicle for unity. But everything begins with the individual -- you. The peace in your own life begins with you. How much do you love your God, your country? How much are you prepared to unite for Good? We know how Christianity has remained divided by pettiness- divisions of dogma. The Heavenly Father will judge us by our degree of loving Him before our differences.

The Federation for World Peace and Unification

Established in the United Kingdom 1970


We Christians from various denominations voluntarily associate ourselves together to form a Foundation to Promote a world of Peace and Unity through the elucidation of the fundamental nature of life and the universe in the light of eternal truth.

To promote a world of mutual respect, prosperity, justice, beauty, and godliness,

To oppose detrimental influences such as atheism, materialism, racial discrimination, ignorance, poverty, prejudice, and immorality, and those philosophies which advocate the same,

To unify all religions, races, and nations,

To provide educational centers and campaign for the Divine Principles God has given men,

To Associate and co-operate with our sister organizations in other countries,

To draw up a Constitution in accordance with these aims,

7th April 1970 

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