The Words of the Orme Family

Never Lose Sight of Your Dream

Young Oon Orme
June 1985
Seoul, Korea

Western blessed girls in Korea.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

My name is Young Oon Orme. I'm 15 and the eldest of the Western blessed children here in Korea. I was one of the first three to arrive here, and since then our family of Western blessed children has multiplied to a group of 16, with more on the way.

I wanted to share a little about a few important points and also I wanted to let you know how much the Western blessed children here love you.

Father asked all of us blessed children to come here, and it has truly changed the lives of many of us. We are now better able to understand something of the depth of God's heart and to share it with others our age.

Every one of us is at times homesick, but our love for True Parents and God keeps us going. I can recall many examples of the closeness we experienced here. However, there is one experience in particular that has remained with me. On the last evening of 1984 we gathered together as we often do, as one big family. We began praying during the last 15 minutes of 1984, and everyone was praying with such power that there were tears streaming down the faces of even the most unemotional of us. There wasn't the selfish feeling you get when you cry for yourself. It was as if we were one with God, crying His tears, every one of us feeling His pain. It was both sad and beautiful to be one with God and your friends.

It showed me how much God and True Parents are with us. My thoughts always return to those minutes and the wonder of that experience, and I often ask myself how many people have lived but have never felt they were one with God or anyone else. How lucky I am.

Western blessed boys in Korea.

Parents at Last

For a while those of us who came early had no one to take care of us, and it was not easy to continue without a leader or someone to guide and help us. We had asked and prayed for a blessed couple to come, and in the autumn of last year our prayers were answered. Just before the new Western blessed children arrived, Mark and Sharon Goodman came into our lives. Since then they have made our time here more interesting, and full of the prayer, learning, and fun which is part of growing up. They speak to us about the dangers of communism and encourage us to be strong, yet loving and calm. More importantly they care about us regardless of our faults, and they take the time to love each of us. At times we have our differences, as all teenagers do, but the Goodmans understand. They are embracing and they bring us together as one big family.

Dreams are what make each one of us special. They help us never lose sight of our desire for freedom, truth, and helping people. Ideas that we all share with one another create the dream that is the one great desire of all righteous people. A desire for a new world is the strength that keeps us all going. We will fight until we win, and we as blessed children will bring victory to God and True Parents. 

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