The Words of the Orme Family

The celebration of Children's Day was held at the main Center

Dennis and Doris Orme
November 30, 1969
London, England

The month opened with family members making condition Brighton and Bristol at the weekend, members participating in this included Patricia Hardman, Hazel Ifill, Carol Bartholomew and Dennis Perrin. A teaching weekend was held on the last weekend of the month to enable interested persons to visit the center and hear a complete series of lectures.

On the 2nd November the Unified Family singers led by Doris sang at the Salvation Army home for derelicts and tramps near Waterloo Station. The following weekend was Children's Day and the celebration was held at the main center. Doris gave the sermon in the morning and lunch was followed by song, stories and laughter. Each member contributed a song, painting, poem, story, whilst Carol sang us a principle calypso called "Come Back Adam, Come Back Eve."

Witnessing conditions were also made locally and in Surrey where Ron and Elsie Brayn are teaching at their home on Monday evenings. New members include Robin Kuhl from London who works in a bank and Les Chilman who works with computers, both have moved into the center. Akinola Ajibode from Lagos, Nigeria accepted, and is the fourth Nigerian, to accept here in London. We all pray that a Nigerian Family will start in Nigeria. Akinola works with computers also.

The last weekend was taken up with a Teaching Weekend for members to hear the complete series of principle lectures. This is an experiment and its results are not clear yet. But if the project is successful we hope to repeat it once a month. Our aim being to take those who have difficulty reaching the center through Divine principle in one go.

The English are renowned for talking about the weather. This report would not be complete without mentioning the summer that has just come to an end. According to the meteorological office this has been the best summer on record since records began 200 years ago. October had maximum temperature of 80 degrees F. and an average temperature five degrees above normal. So all of us in England say thank you Father for such a lovely summer. Outside as I write this the first snow of the winter is with us, but in our maritime climate it usually melts quickly.

During the month two members spent a week with Gestetner Duplicators learning to work the offset printing machine. We have a busy and varied December ahead and we all say Thank you to Our True Parents for enabling us to participate in this final restoration.

In Our True Parents Name,
Dennis and Doris Orme 

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