The Words of the Orme Family

Building the Heart of Europe

Dennis Orme
October 31 -- November 2, 1970
Second European Conference
Essen, West Germany

Our Leader always talks in very realistic terms. We have seen in a very realistic way during this conference how Father is working to build Europe. As Peter has said earlier, we must make all things new-Europe will no longer be Europe and nations no longer nations. How do we build this new family?

There are ways in which the Father is working. One is numerically. The numbers of people in Principle which includes the member of nations and groups that come into Principle.

The second way is inwardly. The Father also works inwardly to bring us together in heart in a deeper way.

For two conferences the leaders of Europe have worked to expose the subtly of Satan. I can say that they are great fighters for Our Master. But Europe is a big baby to bring forth and give new heart and birth. They need your utmost support. We have seen how in Japan the Japanese Leader has exceptional support. In this sense there is no one leader of Europe. The leaders in Europe must work together and Satan is forever trying to cause misunderstanding and Europe needs support than ever the leader of Japan needs. There is a unity here between the leaders and they have agreed to meet not once a year but every two months.

I wish I could share with you how they meet together with the Father. To wrestle with Satan together may sound easy but it is often very difficult. To judge your closest friends, to work together, to let them judge you is always very difficult. Therefore building the Unity of Europe as the Father wants it is something that will go on from conference to conference, until the day comes when there are no nations of Europe.

Can you imagine a Europe without any national leaders? But this day must surely come. We shall look upon ourselves as parts of the same Family coming together in the spiritual home of Europe. We shall all be so happy to come there. Just as we are all so happy to go to Our Spiritual homeland Korea. It may seem distant dream but it is not that far away.

It brings almost tears to my eyes, to see so many people singing with such heart for Our Father. I hope we shall all be singing again next year. 

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