The Words of the Orme Family

Earlier in the month we opened a new center in Mitcham

Dennis and Doris Orme
June 30, 1970
Mitcham, United Kingdom

Dear Mr. [Hyo Won] Eu,

Hello. We are constantly thinking of you all in Korea and pray that we may strengthen Father's Family. Here in the U.K. this has been a month of change. At the last minute of the eleventh hour we succeeded in finding a place for headquarters center. Earlier in the month we opened a new center at Mitcham from which five men or more will work. Mitcham is about 8 miles from the center of London being within Greater London. The Worcester Park center is now mainly a girls center led by Carol Bartholomew with two men for heavy work and protection. Dorney Cottage close by Windsor is near London airport and the Heart of England, a few miles from where the Magna Carta was signed nine hundred years ago, when the English nobles first forced the King into making the first feeble steps towards a government by law with right of appeal. Dorney Cottage is a seventeenth century house with five bedrooms standing in an acre of ground twenty-five miles from London, and four miles from Eton College. We shall begin moving in next week and have already begun the restoration.

Akihiko from Japan paid us a visit and was able to take part in our first campaign for the FWPU. This campaign was a trial campaign and most successful. We sold over two thousand of our little booklets and contacted many interested people. Later we shall begin again on a more permanent basis. This work will also include our anti-communist work which will involve the same tactics. This month we acquired a folding machine as previously all our pamphlets had been folded by hand. So our members have really been working hard in what in effect has been a complete re-organization involving the restoration of three buildings, whilst we still have to obtain commercial premises. Our transport which had been restricted to an old van now includes a mini-bus which seats twelve and a Volkswagen transporter. We seem to have spent a long time laying the foundation and our moving from Strestham has opened the way for further expansion.

Once again these green idles have been blessed by Our Father with summer, the month of June being for many areas the sunniest and hottest since records began century. We all feel that it was a great blessing for this year as country when Our Father and Mother visited this country last things have been different since then. The Creation I think often reflects events. In 1588 a great storm protected these islands from Roman Catholic intolerance and the Spanish Inquisition. In 1940 a dead calm sea for three days enabled the British Army to escape from France. In 1946 the country suffered its worst for over a century, the thaw causing great flooding which followed the election of a left wing government and the rejection of Winston Churchill. Judgment remains strong here in the Family and we pray that we can comfort Our Father's heart more as we move into the second half of nineteen seventy.

Monsei, Monsei, Monsei,

In Our True Parents Name,
Dennis and Doris Orme 

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