Chapter 1 The Life of the Founder


The Birth of Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Reverend Moon's Calling

Religious Groups with John-the-Baptist Missions in the 1930s

School Days

Exposing the Root of Sin

The End of the Japanese Colonial Period

Reverend Moon Begins His Public Mission

Suffering in the Pyongyang Days

The Korean War and Freedom from Prison

Beginning Anew at Pomnetkol

Churches in Pusan and Taegu Prior to the Establishment of HSA-UWC

Establishment of HSA-UWC

Activities Following the Establishment of HSA-UWC

Persecution on the University Campuses

Suffering in Seodaemun Prison

The Beginning of the Chungpa-dong Church Era

Dispatch of Missionaries Overseas

The Birth and Childhood of Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon

The Holy Wedding of the True Parents

Visiting Nationwide Pioneers

The First World Tour

Publication of Wolli Kangron (Divine Principle)

The Second World Tour

The Third World Tour Including Public Speeches in the United States

Madison Square Garden Rally

Invitational Address at the United States Congress

Dispatch of Missionaries Throughout the World

Day of Hope Festivals

World Rally for Korean Freedom

Yankee Stadium Rally

Washington Monument Rally

A Plan to Discredit Reverend Moon and His Church

Struggle in the Courts

Indictment for Tax Evasion

Suffering in Danbury Prison

Victory in Danbury Prison

Reverend Moon's Victorious Homecoming to Korea

Movement for North-South Unification

Reverend Moon's Seventieth Birthday Celebration

Meeting with Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev

Meeting with Premier Kim Il Sung of North Korea

Advent of the Era of Women

Reverend Moon Declares the Second Advent

Public Speaking Tour in the United States of America

Speech at the United States Congress

Speech at the United Nations Headquarters

Speaking Tour in Japan

Speaking Tour of Korean Universities

Speech at the National Assembly in Korea

Forty-Nation World Tour

Speech at the National Assembly in Taiwan