Chapter 1 The Life of the Founder






 Meeting with Premiet Kim Il Sung of North Korea



From November 30 through December 7, 1991, Reverend and Mrs. Moon visited North Korea-forty years and eleven months after Reverend Moon had last departed his hometown. There were tearful reunions with Reverend Moon's older sister and other relatives. After he had met with North Korean deputy prime minister Mr. Dal-hyun Kim, and Mr. Ki-bok Yoon, vice-chairman of the (North) Korean Overseas Compatriots Relief Committee, Reverend Moon, as president of the Federation for World Peace, announced that they had agreed upon ways to cooperate.

Reverend Moon sharing a toast with Premier Kim Il Sung

The visit culminated in a meeting with North Korean president Kim Il Sung, on December 6, 1991. Since leaving Pyongyang on December 4, 1950, due to the disbelief of those providentially prepared, he had trodden the lonely path of a pioneer. Forty years having passed by the time he returned to his hometown carrying a worldwide foundation of victory, Reverend Moon was surely more deeply moved even than Jacob was on being welcomed by his brother Esau on his return to Canaan from Haran after twenty-one years. However, while the reconciliation between Jacob and Esau was on the family level, the encounter between Reverend Moon and Kim Il Sung of North Korea was the unfolding of the Providence of God on the universal level, such that Heaven could only observe the scene anxiously.