Chapter 1 The Life of the Founder






 Activities Following the Establishment of HSA-UWC



Witnessing efforts did not bear fruit in the initial months following the establishment of HSA-UWC, despite members' strenuous efforts. Yet the members refused to become frustrated, remembering that Reverend Moon had told them prophetically that no matter how much effort they invested in witnessing and lecturing, it would not come to fruition until the Autumn. In the meantime, Mrs. Yun-young Yang became musical director for the Pan-National University Students' Summer Camp held at Yonsei University.

The resultant opportunities for discussion provided the momentum to open the door to witnessing in the universities. Her home at 377-60 Chunghyun-dong, Sungdong-gu, was used as the venue for giving Principle lectures to guests from October 18 until the headquarters moved to 241-44 Heungin-dong, Jung-gu on January 17, 1955. At this time, many intellectuals were joining the church.

 The first HSA-UWC Principle test, held in Heungjin Church