Chapter 1 The Life of the Founder






The Birth and Childhood of Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon



Middle school days In tracing the footprints of the Unification Church, one person requires special consideration. That person is Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon who, together with Reverend Moon, stands in the position of giving new life to the members of the Unification Church. Hak Ja Han was born in Anju-gun, North Pyongan Province on January 6, 1943 (according to the lunar calendar). Her mother, Mrs. Soon-ae Hong believed that the Lord of the Second Advent would come in the Orient. From an early age she led a sincere life of faith, followingWith close friends in the Sun Jung Middle School painting club such spiritual leaders as Mr. Kuk-ju Hwang, Mr. Yong-do Lee, Mrs. Sung-do Kim, and Mrs. Ho-bin Huh. The young Hak Ja Han learned from her mother at an early age the absolute obedience of a religious life. During her third year of life, Mrs. Ho-bin Huh, leader of the Bokjung ("Inside Belly") Church, prophesied that Hak Ja Han was the mother born as the culmination of all revelation.

She was diligent in her spiritual training under her mother's guidance, and in 1956 her mother brought her to meet Reverend Moon. Chosen by Heaven, she was blessed in marriage with Reverend Moon in April 1960.

   Nursing schol days in Seoul, 1959 (front row, middle)