Chapter 1 The Life of the Founder






The Birth of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon


 The Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Sun Myung Moon was born on January 6, 1920 (according to the lunar calendar), at 2221 Sangsa-ri, Deogunmyun, Jeongju-gun, North Pyongan Province in northern Korea, to Mr.Kyung-yoo Moon and Mrs. Kyung-gye Kim Moon, their second son among eight children. The villagers of Sangsa-ri, a small rural village eight kilometers from the sea, enjoyed a high quality of life and congenial relationships. Since almost all were of the Moon clan, the village was often called "Moon village." Sun Myung Moon's family was quite well-to-do during his grandparents' generation. His great uncle, Yoon-kook Moon - the younger brother of his grandfather - was a Christian minister who had dedicated himself to the movement for Korean independence. In cooperation with his older brother, he secretly donated a large proportion of the family wealth for the financial support of that cause.

Birthplace of the Reverend Sun Myung MoonWhat money remained was just enough to maintain the livelihood of the family during Reverend Moon's childhood. Despite that, travelers continued to visit the family home, as the Moon clan was renowned for its hospitality and generosity.


 Reverend Moon with relatives in Sangsa-ri, while visiting North Korea, december 1991