Chapter 1 The Life of the Founder






 Suffering in Seodaemun Prison



There was no way for the authorities to prevent the numerous students who wanted to find out about the Unification Church from attending it, even after the events at Ewha and Yonsei Universities had resulted in the expulsion of some twenty professors and students. Ultimately, the power of the authorities was brought to bear. At the same time, Christian preachers and elders sent anonymous letters to the authorities criticizing the activities of the Unification Church. An attempt was made by Christian leaders, in conjunction with political leaders, to eradicate the Unification Church through mobilizing the media.

Thus, at the beginning of July, Reverend Moon and five disciples including Mr. Hyo-won Eu, Mr. Hyo-min Eu, Mr. Hyo-young Eu, and Mr. Won-pil Kim, were imprisoned in Seodaemun Prison on charges of illegal confinement and violation of military regulations. However, three months later when the final verdict was reached, Reverend Moon was released, and the rest were fined on charges of violating military regulations, and received no prison sentences. This result was a great shock to the Christian churches whose aim had been the eradication of the Unification Church, and demonstrated that those who loved God would be blessed after enduring the trials and hardships He sent.

 Reverend Moon with church leaders in front of Seodaemun Prison