Chapter 1 The Life of the Founder






 Invitational Address at the United States Congress


  Members hold rally in support of Reverend Moon's

On October 8, 1974, Reverend Moon gave an invitational address to the United States Congress under the title of America in God's Providence. On December 18, 1975, he again spoke on Capitol Hill on God's Plan for America.

This latter address, some fourteen months after the first, took place with the support of fourteen congressmen who had taken an interest in the Unification Church following the success of the Madison Square Garden rally.

Reverend Moon's first invitational address on Capitol Hill

A total of two hundred representatives including sixty congressmen and senators, and one hundred close aides, attended the meeting. Reverend Moon emphasized in his address that America should return to the spirit of the founding fathers, that church and state should unite to create a nation serving God, and that a new nationwide ideological movement should emerge to strengthen the people spiritually.

 Second invitational address on Capitol Hill

Invitation letter from Congress of the United States