Chapter 1 The Life of the Founder






 World Rally for Korean Freedom


  Representatives of the Western world declares solidarity with Korea

Held at Yoido, Seoul, at three o'clock on June 7, 1975, the World Rally for Korean Freedom directly confronted the increasing communist threat in Asia. With the Indochina peninsula having already succumbed to communism, the meeting served as a warning to the Korean people and to muster their determination. Reverend Moon personally supervised the preparations for the rally. At the event, attended by well over a million people including one thousand representatives from sixty nations, Reverend Moon delivered the main address, on Korea in the World. During the rally the international representatives signed a statement that, because the protection of Korea, the motherland of faith, is the will of God, if North Korea were to launch a military invasion of South Korea they would serve as volunteer soldiers and fight to the end.

 The World Rally for Korean Freedom, Yoido, Seoul