Chapter 1 The Life of the Founder






 Churches in Pusan and Taegu Prior to the Establishment of HSA-UWC



On that same day, Mrs. Hyun-shil Kang, a missionary from Pomchun Presbyterian Church, came to understand Reverend Moon's mission, and in December of that year Reverend Yo-han Lee, who had been a Presbyterian church minister, joined him. The atmosphere of the church became higher and higher as new members joined, and the meeting place moved four times beginning in January 1953, to cope with the increasing membership. In the meantime Reverend Moon sent both Hyun-shil Kang, in the latter part of July, and Yo-han Lee, in the beginning of August, as missionaries to Taegu to set up a church mission. Reverend Moon visited Seoul in September to organize missionary activities. He remained in the capital until December 24 when he returned to Pusan. There, he stayed in a member's house in Yeong-do, an island near the city, and welcomed new members including Hyo-won Eu, his brother and other relatives over a three-week period of meetings.

On January 25, 1954, Reverend Moon visited Taegu and encouraged the new members there. It was in Taegu that Mr. Chang-hwan Lee and Mr. Sang-chul Kim joined.

However, persecution was mounting in Taegu. Five church members were arrested and taken to the police station, where they were treated very badly. Even Elder Woon-mong Na of Mount Yongmoon, who was supposed to testify publicly about the providence of the Second Advent, was uncooperative in his attitude. Reverend Moon therefore went to Seoul on March 27, 1954, and quickly concluded the process of registering the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity.

 Members gathered for Reverend Moon's 34th birthday in Taegu