Chapter 1 The Life of the Founder






 The Holy Wedding of the True Parents


  Holy Wedding Ceremony of Reverend Sun Myung Moon and Miss Hak Ja Han

Nineteen hundred and sixty, the year of Reverend Moon's fortieth birthday, was a turning point in the history of the world. On March 27 (First day of the third month of the Lunar Calendar) of that year, Heaven selected Miss Hak Ja Han to become the bride of Reverend Moon, and, on April 11, the Holy Wedding was conducted by God Himself.


On that day at 10 o'clock in the morning, the Holy Wedding Ceremony began in the main chapel of the headquarters church, attended by seven hundred members invited from churches around the country. The ceremony was divided into two parts. First of all, Reverend Moon sprinkled holy salt throughout the chapel.

The first part of the wedding was the "Ceremony of Parents of Restoration through Indemnity." With members lining the walkway, the bride and bridegroom walked in a westerly direction along a double-width of cotton cloth, and after praying at the ceremonial altar situated at the northern part of the chapel, they made their proclamation before the entire universe. After Mr. Won-pil Kim and Miss Dal-ok Chung's congratulatory speeches and Mr. Kwang-yol Yoo's congratulatory poem had been offered, the bride and bridegroom temporarily withdrew from the ceremonial place.

Following this, the second part of the wedding, the "Ceremony of the Parents of Glory" took place. The bride and bridegroom re-entered the chapel to make their vows, and, after all in attendance had bowed four times, the bride and bridegroom offered three bows to each other. The main ceremony was concluded after the exchange of wedding presents with the bride and bridegroom offering one final bow to each other. At this point of the ceremony, Reverend and Mrs. Moon stood facing the members of the church, and, in accordance with the order of the ceremony, gifts were offered to the couple by representatives, among them Mr. Jun-yong Lee, Mr. Young-whi Kim, Miss Dae-hwa Chung, and Mr. Yo-han Lee. Congratulatory remarks were then offered by high school students Mr. Ju-jin Yoon and Miss Myung-ae Kim. Reverend Moon then made a declaration, and, as True Parents, the couple stretched their hands out over the assembled church members and offered a prayer of blessing. With this, the Holy Wedding Ceremony was concluded.

This ceremony signified that the time had come when members could sing and offer bows to True Parents rather than just to Father. Reverend Moon told them that, because of this ceremony, the Principle and the existence of the Unification Church would become known throughout the entire world, and the will of God would be accomplished without difficulty.