Chapter 1 The Life of the Founder






 The Second World Tour



As the Unification Church's foreign missions had revitalized since Reverend and Mrs. Moon's first world tour, they hastened to begin another. Thus, from February 2 to May 2, 1969, they toured twenty-one countries accompanied by Mr. Hyo-won Eu and Mrs. Won-bok Choi. Just as the first tour had a mission, namely, the blessing of Holy Grounds, so the second tour also did: that is, the blessing of human beings.

Consequently, the second world tour instilled immovability in the faith of the members overseas on the foundation of the selection of the holy grounds during the first tour. The Blessing of six married couples and seven matched couples at the Washington DC church in America on February 28 was part of the Blessing of forty-three couples2 that included couples in both Europe (Germany) and Japan. This was the first Holy Wedding for members outside of Korea, and effected the worldwide dissemination of blessed families.


 The letter Reverend Moon during his second world tour