Chapter 1 The Life of the Founder






 A Plan to Discredit Reverend Moon and His Church


 Bo-hi Pak preparing his brief

Beginning March 19, 1978, the House Committee on International Organizations held hearings at which the Unification Church was accused of spying for the Korean government. President Carter's administration had named Minnesota Congressman Donald Fraser as its representative in its investigation of Reverend Moon, and Col. Bo-hi Pak, one of Reverend Moon's close assistants, was called to give an account. Publicly testifying three times before the congressional committee, Col. Pak's response was that as a proud Korean citizen and a proud member of the Unification Church he had acted strictly according to his conscience in opposing communism-furthermore, that the accusation of involvement with the KCIA was merely a conspiracy on the part of communist sympathizers.

Members demonstrating outside during the hearing

The verdict was ultimately handed down by the citizens of the United States. In the congressional elections held soon after the hearings, Congressman Fraser lost his seat in the house. The investigation of the Unification Church was discontinued soon afterwards.