Chapter 1 The Life of the Founder






 Publication of Wolli Kangron (Divine Principle)



Wonri KangronNine years after the publication of Wolli Haesol ("Explanation of the Principle") in August 1957, Wolli Kangron ("Discourse on the Principle"), later translated into English as Divine Principle, finally went to print on May 1, 1966. Wolli Kangron attempted to elucidate more deeply and in greater detail the contents of Wolli Haesol which was to re-interpret from a new perspective the sixty-six books of the Bible, written in symbolic language. Mr. Hyo-won Eu, who had accepted the teachings of Reverend Moon and who was at that time president of HSA-UWC, composed the greater part of the text, and Mr. Chang-sung An, Mr. Kwang-yol Yoo, and Mr. Young-chang Jang combined their efforts to bring the work to the point of publication. This text was authorized as the standard reference for the study of the Principle. It is a revolutionary and penetratingly logical discourse on the essence of God, humankind and the universe.

   Reverend Moon meditating at the Nam-san Holy Ground