Chapter 1 The Life of the Founder






 Reverend Moon Begins His Public Mission



 Inspired by Reverend Nam-ju Paek from Wonsan Shinhak-san, Mr. Paek-moon Kim received certain revelations. Deciding to make a new start in his life, he went to the house of a friend who lived in the rural Gyeong-gi Province, and there secluded himself to avoid having to worship at Shinto shrines.

When independence came in 1945, he gathered his own followers, and based on the spiritual revelations he had received, established the Israel Monastery. As Heaven's desire was to fulfill the providence of God for the course of the Second Advent by placing Mr. Paek-moon Kim in the position of the John the Baptist, in October 1945 Reverend Moon made contact with Mr. Kim. God had already given a revelation to Mr. Kim and his disciples concerning Reverend Moon's mission.

However, failing to understand the spiritual instructions that had come from Heaven, Mr. Paek-moon Kim delayed in their implementation. When Jesus appeared to him on 2 March 1946, he designated that the "Day of Heaven's Opening" and himself the "Holy Spirit Incarnation." Thus, Heaven's painstaking efforts were ultimately disregarded. Owing to this, on 2 June 1946, Reverend Moon received the revelation from Heaven, "Go to Pyongyang," following which he quickly made the journey to the North Korean capital, known as the Jerusalem of the East. A few days later he arrived there and stayed with Grandmother Park who had proclaimed her mission as "Wife of Jehovah." Reverend Moon then made his base in Pyongyang at the house of Mr. Sung-bok Kim in order to carry out his work for the will of God.