Chapter 1 The Life of the Founder






 Visiting Nationwide Pioneers



At the finish of the winter forty day witnessing condition in 1957, Reverend Moon divided the country into five districts for the purposes of church administration. This turning point marked the accelerated expansion of the church and increase of membership throughout the country. Between May 23 and June 20, Reverend Moon toured local churches, including visiting the church in Pusan for the first time.

Forty-day summer pioneer-witnessing began on July 20, 1960, with a total of 659 members from 413 churches assigned to locations all over Korea. They participated with determination to succeed. Ten days after the beginning of the witnessing period, Reverend Moon began a twenty-one day tour of these pioneer locations.

 Reverend Moon's visit to Pusan region

Reverend Moon visition Chuncheon with Sir Anthony Brooke, former king of Sarawak