Chapter 1 The Life of the Founder






Beginning Anew at Pomnetkol



Having set out from Pyongyang on 4 December 1950, Reverend Moon's company arrived at Choryang Station in Pusan, via Seoul and Ulsan, after fifty-five days on 27 January 1951. No matter where they went in Pusan, there was nowhere to stay. At that time, Pusan was the refugee capital of Korea, people having converged on the city from all over the country. Small closets and even empty boxes were crammed with two or three people.

On his arrival, Reverend Moon spent the cold night in the waiting room of Choryang station. A few days later, he happened to encounter Mr. Duk-moon Um who had been a friend of his during their school days in Japan, and stayed with him for several months. At that time, the family of Mr. Um received a revelation in a dream and came to understand the mission of Reverend Moon. In the meantime, Mrs. Se-hyun Oak, from whom Reverend Moon had parted company in Pyongyang, visited him after learning where he was staying.

Duk-moon Um, the first person to join in PusanDuring this time, Reverend Moon labored at the menial labor camp at Choryang wharf, slept under the eaves of a house, and ate what others offered him.

In May 1951, Reverend Moon, who was concentrating on putting the Principle into writing, began to build the two pyung (approximately six square meters) mud-wall hut at 1513 Pom 6 Dong, Pusan. He lived there with his disciples from August of that year, and finished writing down the Principle on May 10 of the following year.


 Reverend Moon in front of the mud-wall hut with the first American to hear his teachings