Chapter 1 The Life of the Founder






Speech at the United Nations Headquarters


  President of the UN General Assembly Stoyan Ganev introduces Mrs. Moon

At an invitational address at the United Nations Headquarters on September 7, 1993, President Hak Ja Han Moon delivered a message of love and peace based on God's providence, speaking on the significance of the peaceful role played by the united Nations. Six hundred participants, including diplomats, from 131 nations, 160 United Nations dignitaries, and leaders from every sphere of life, attended the speech held in a United Nations Security Council conference hall. She said that the future prosperity of humankind and world peace depended upon the United States and, further, that despite the close of the Cold War era an expansion of nationalist and ethnic rhetoric was occurring between races and between religions. Mrs. Moon proposed the ideology of true love as a solution.

Mrs. Moon speaking at the UN Headquarters

In welcoming and introducing Mrs. Moon, Stoyan Ganev, chairman of the United nations General Assembly praised her world speaking tour as something meaningful for all humanity, transcendent of any specific religion.

Representatives from various nation to Mrs. Moon's speech