Chapter 1 The Life of the Founder






 Meeting with Soviet President Mik hail Gorbachev



During April of 1990, Reverend Moon conducted the 11th World Media Conference, the 3rd Summit Council for World Peace, and the 9th Conference for the Unity of Latin America concurrently in Moscow. In attendance were six hundred dignitaries and media representatives from sixty-five nations, including forty former heads of state and prime ministers. On April 11, in the midst of these events, Reverend Moon had a historic meeting with Mikhail Gorbachev, then president of the Soviet Union. The meeting, which took place at the Kremlin at six o'clock in the evening, surprised not only Korea but also other nations of the world.

President Gorbachev receiving a visit from Reverend Moon and former heads of state at the Kremlin in Moscow

This meeting had profound significance. The Soviet authorities had expressed their desire to develop relations with the Republic of Korea and to help resolve the problem of the divided peninsula. Reverend Moon and President Gorbachev discussed issues related to world peace, including friendly relations between the Soviet Union and South Korea (thereafter, a new chapter in diplomatic relations between Seoul and Moscow opened), economic corporation, the peaceful reunification of Korea, and religious freedom within the Soviet Union.

Celebrate the victory of the Moscow meeting and to welcome True Parents

When Reverend and Mrs. Moon returned to Korea, public rallies were held in twelve major cities to welcome them and inform the Korean citizens of the result and providential significance of their visit to the Soviet Union. Reverend Moon delivered the main address which was received by some 330,000 people.

After these meetings Reverend Moon called the regional church leaders from around Korea and held the "Ceremony to Declare the Second Self of True Parents." Following this, Reverend Moon directed them to hold "Welcome True Parents" rallies in each city, district, town, village and neighborhood so that all people could come to know about the True Parents.