Chapter 1 The Life of the Founder






 Advent of the Era of Women



To cleanse human history that began in evil due to the fall of Eve, and to initiate a new history of goodness, the providential time has come when women should stand on the front line to solve all these things. In the history of God's providential dispensation through which God, by sending prophets and ultimately the Messiah, will save humanity and establish the will of Heaven, women rather than men have played the central role in offering devotions to Heaven. Furthermore, just as a mother's cooperation was crucial for Jacob to receive the blessing of the birthright, so is it difficult for the providence of salvation to progress without the devoted support and help of women.

WFWP Founding Rally

We are in the final stage of the history of the providence of restoration of humankind. When the unification of a new nation centering on God is impending, just as a woman's role was crucial for the unity of the two providential brothers, there should be a movement of women to resolve the history of discord and evil, originally initiated by a woman. In accordance with this providential trend, Reverend and Mrs. Moon founded the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia in Japan in 1989. On October 31, 1991, they launched the Korean chapter of the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia at the Little Angels Performing Arts Center with two thousand Korean women leaders in attendance. On April 10, 1992, 150,000 women gathered in the Seoul Olympic Main Stadium for the Inaugural Rally of the Women's Federation for World Peace and determined themselves to nurture the image of true mother, true wife, and true daughter.


Unification of the World and the Responsibility of Humankind


Keynote address by President Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon at the Founding Rally of the Women's Federation for World Peace and the Seoul Rally of the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia


May Women Become the Peacemakers of this Age

Reverend Moon's words of encouragement at the WFWP Founding Rally