Chapter 1 The Life of the Founder






 Reverend Moon's Calling



During his early childhood, Sun Myung Moon's family converted to Presbyterianism at a time when the Christian faith was expanding rapidly in Korea. Though young, Sun Myung Moon was attracted by a life of prayer and religious devotion. Observing the anguish of his countrymen under forced colonial domination, he agonized and prayed at length over the reasons for human suffering. Through his relationship with God he sought to understand the tragedy of human history and how, if at all, change could come. Seriously contemplating the future of his people and all humankind, he entreated God as to how he could devote his life to alleviating human suffering. He eventually received answers to his questions.

View of Myodu Mountain, where Reverend Moon received his call during prayer on Easter Day, 1935On Easter day, 1935 (April 17), when Sun Myung Moon was just fifteen years old, Jesus Christ suddenly appeared to him as he prayed on Mt. Myodu near his village. Jesus solemnly entreated him to accept a mission to work for the salvation of humanity. Reverend Moon thus committed himself to walking the path of God's providence and the realization of God's will.