Chapter 1 The Life of the Founder






 Persecution on the University Campuses



Professor Chung-hwa Han head of the residential advisors at the Ewha Women's University dormitories joined after being witnessed to by Mrs. Yun-young Yang. Students from Yonsei University, including Mr. Kyung-gyu Eu and Mr. Seung-taek Oh also joined. An increasing number of new members were thus joining from these two universities. Professor Young-oon Kim was instructed by the president of Ewha Women's University to find out about the Unification Church. She duly attended Principle lectures and accepted the Principle as the truth. Others then began to come and listen. In the midst of all this activity the headquarters moved from Heungin-dong to 1-37 Changchoong-dong.

As the number of members gradually increased, it became necessary to start a business to support the church. Mr. Hyo-min Eu took responsibility for a business that produced and marketed photographs of places of natural beauty and historic interest, and of famous individuals. This business was the foundation for the church's finances in the early days.

Students who were dismissed from Ewha university

Surprised by the unexpected expansion of the new church, the mainstream Christian churches, aided by those in positions of political power, embarked on a strategic plan to destroy the Unification Church. Representative examples of this were the so-called Ewha Women's University and Yonsei University incidents of 1955. Ewha Women's University dismissed five professors and expelled fourteen students, including five students in the graduating class, on the grounds that they were attending the Unification Church. In Yonsei University, one professor also lost his position and two students were removed from the register. This was because the people concerned were considered to be involved in an anti-Christian, heretical faith. Even the media, which had dealt with the Unification Church positively, for reasons unknown changed their position and published critical editorials.

 Reverend Moon commemoration the first anniversary of the Ewha University incident with members at the Chungpa-dong Heaquarters Church, May 11, 1956