Chapter 1 The Life of the Founder






 Dispatch of Missionaries Throughout the World



The fire of missionary activity, first ignited in Japan in 1958, was gradually spreading. However, it is fair to say that in 1975 the church's mission work leapt to the world level. On February 12, following a sermon at the Japanese church headquarters on God's providence in the world, Reverend Moon announced the names of missionaries to be sent out to ninety-five nations. This was the year when the foundation True Parents had established in the United States expanded to the world level with the beginning of the third seven year course.

Go World Brass Band at tracting listeners during witnessing in Munich, Germany Missionaries in Ghana with members (1978)

In fact, prior to that time, missionary work had been undertaken in approximately forty countries by persons who had originally been introduced to the church in America through the efforts of missionaries Young-oon Kim, Bo-hi Pak and Sang-chul Kim.

 Reverend Moon speaks to Japanese members about the dispatch of worldwide missionaries