Chapter 1 The Life of the Founder






Speech at the United States Congress



On July 28, 1993, Women's Federation for World Peace President Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon addressed an audience of approximately one hundred congressmen and senators on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. Her purpose was to declare the advent of the Completed Testament Age and to enlighten the assembled leaders regarding the significance of America's spiritual mission. In her forty-minute speech entitled God, Women and True Families, Mrs. Moon emphasized that establishing true family values was the only solution to evil and to the breakdown of human society.

Mrs. Moon speaking at the United States Congress, July 28

Moreover, to commemorate that day, a bill to establish July 28 as "Parents Day" was unanimously passed in Congress on March 11 of the following year. This proposal, denoted Resolution 236, was put forward by a total of 218 congressmen??6 Republicans and 122 Democrats. The resolution declared that the adoption of policy that helps maintain and strengthen the role of parents is in the interests of society and government.

Representatives of the United States leadership listening to Mrs. Moon's speech