Chapter 1 The Life of the Founder






 Public Speaking Tour in the United States of America



From May 26 through July 31, 1993, WFWP President Hak Ja Han Moon spoke in forty-four American cities. Beginning in Albany, New York, her lecture tour spanned a seventy-day period, concluding in Columbus, Ohio. Mrs. Moon, in her speech entitled True Parents and the Completed Testament Age, expressed that contemporary humanity is facing a historical turning point, that is, the era which will see the Advent of the Messiah to guide this world in a new direction. Furthermore, that the Messiah has already come as the True Parents, ushering in the Completed Testament Age. The speech clarified the moral and religious mission of the United States of America as a superpower in the world leadership position, and focused upon the essential role of women and the family in solving such pathological problems of society as drugs, divorce, homosexuality, and the AIDS epidemic.

Reverend and Mrs. Moon receiving a framed picture at his speech in Houston, Texas, May 20

The purpose of these public lectures lay in the announcement of the end of the New Testament Age and the beginning of the Completed Testament Age in accordance with God's providence of salvation.

The audience listening to Reverend Moon's speech in New York, May 13

Prior to that, from May 13 to 24, Reverend Moon himself had given this message at invitational speeches in twelve major American cities. Following are the full contents of President Hak Ja Han Moon's speech.


True Parents and the Completed Testament Age

The speech given by WFWP President Hak Ja Han Moon during her 44-city speaking tour