Chapter 1 The Life of the Founder






 Day of Hope Festivals



The Day of Hope crusade began at the Madison Square Garden rally on September 18, 1974, continued through Philadelphia, Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

In Korea, beginning with a banquet at the Choson Hotel on January 16, 1975, Day of Hope Festivals convened a total of five hundred thousand people in nine cities-Pusan, Taegu, Seoul, Inchon, Jeonju, Kwangju, Taejon, Chungju, and Chooncheon.

In Japan, following a reception at the Tokyo Empire Hotel, fifty thousand participated in three days of lectures at Jungdo Auditorium from February 13, 1975. Overall, three hundred thousand people in seven cities attended these meetings.

At this time, 259 members from an international revival team working in America plus 259 members from Japan came to Korea and began to witness full time together with 155 members from the Korean mobile team.

 Day of Hope Festival at a martial arts gymnasium in Japan