Truth Is My Sword Volume I - Collected Speeches in the Public Arena - Bo Hi Pak

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Introduction By General Alexander M. Haig, Jr.

Introduction by Arnaud De Borchgrave

Introduction by Ambassador Phillip Victor Sanchez

Introduction by Ambassador Jose Maria Chaves

Introduction by Dr. Joseph C. Paige

Introduction by Dr. Robert Grant

Background to Specific Speeches and Organizations

My Tribute To America

Fraser Hearings: First Round (Opening Statement: March 22, 1978)

Fraser Hearings: Second Round (Protest and Plea: April 11, 1978)

Fraser Hearings: Third Round (Turning The Tables: April 20, 1978)

Fraser Hearings: Fourth Round (General Rebuttal: June 22, 1978)

Our Response (January 17, 1979)

A Newspaper of Record (April 22, 1980)

Predicting the Reagan Landslide (November 30, 1980)

CAUSA and the Defeat of Communism (March 16, 1981)

Media News: Fact or Fiction (October 1, 1981)

Legacy of Persecution (October 15, 1981)

In Memory of Luis Munoz Marin (June 3, 1982)

A Free and Responsible Media (October 5, 1982)

The Southern Cone Welcomes CAUSA (December 3, 1982)

First CAUSA Seminar in North America (February 27, 1983)

Proper Role of the Media (September 5, 1983)

The Failure of Communism (October 28, 1983)

First Pan American Conference of CAUSA International (February 1984)

Appointment With Destiny (May 3, 1984)

Reverend Moon's Tax Case (September 5, 1984)

Making Newspaper History (October 1, 1984)

The Acceptance Ceremony of the Degree of Doctor Honoris Causa (November 15, 1984)

Religious Freedom Under Attack (November 20, 1984)

Fire for Fire (February 19, 1985)

Worldview Presentation at the CAUSA Ministerial Alliance Conference (March 1985)

Our Sacred Honor (March 1985)

The Inevitable Showdown Approaches (May 21, 1985)

Developing a Global Perspective (June 9, 1985)

Toward a Clear Coherent Strategy (September 8, 1985)

To Gain Victory We Need Freedom Under God (September 10, 1985)

The Glorious Vision of Simon Bolivar (December 3, 1985)

The Crime of Global Terrorism (January 26, 1986)

CAUSA International Military Association Conference (February 7-9, 1986)

A Latin Continental Congress (March 11, 1986)

Toward Economic Unity (June 17, 1986)

Testimony of Dr. Bo Hi Pak (August 21, 1986)

Media and Traditional Values (September 18, 1986)

Our Goal: To Promote Unity and God-Affirming Ideals (October 1, 1986)

American Leadership Conference: The Future of America (December 18, 1986)

A Bicentennial Tribute (January 23, 1987)

Fifth Anniversary Speech - The Washington Times (May 17, 1987)

Introduction to Ambassador Douglas MacArthur II (June 1, 1987)

True and Eternal Art (August 21, 1987)

Freedom and Responsibility (September 20, 1987)

The Earth's Angels (September 23, 1987)

The Quest for Ideals (August 26, 1988)

Instrument of the Almighty (May 29, 1989)

God, The First Artist (August 4, 1989)

Art and True Love (August 6, 1989)

The Second American Revolution (September 29, 1989)

The New Wave of Soviet Restructuring and Openness (April 9, 1990)

End of Communism (June 1, 1990)

60th Birthday Celebration: With Abiding Gratitude (August 23, 1990)

A New Era in Ballet Culture (August 31, 1990)

Greetings from the Chain of the Washington Times (May 16, 1991)

Welcoming Remarks (August 26, 1991)

Inauguration of the Federation for World Peace (August 28, 1991)

Inauguration of the International Commission on Korea (September 8, 1991)

All-China Photographic Exhibition (July 6, 1992)

World Media Association President's Remarks (August 22, 1992)

Fifth Summit Council Welcoming Remarks (August 22, 1992)

My 13 Commandments (1993)

Remarks in Honor of Ambassador Li Dao-Yu (June 21, 1993)

The Aula Order of Liberty and Unity (June 22, 1993)

Peace and the 21st Century (March 27, 1994)

Welcoming Remarks in Honor of DPRK Delegation (February 24, 1995)

Island Nations and the 21st Century (June 17, 1996)

Family Federation for World Peace Remarks (July 31, 1996)

Inauguration of the New Victoria Plaza Hotel (November 24, 1996)

Uruguayan-Japanese Sisterhood Ceremonies (November 24, 1996)

Eulogy for Ambassador Douglas MacArthur II (November 20, 1997)

Introduction to the Life and Works of Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon (November 21, 1997)

Appendix I Testimonies About CAUSA International Conference Participants

Appendix II Brief Chronology of the Life of Dr. Bo Hi Pak

Truth Is My Sword Volume I
Collected Speeches in the Public Arena
Dr. Bo Hi Pak

ISBN 0-910621-92-6


Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon opened up a totally new area of being for me. Truth Is My Sword is dedicated to them. They gave me rebirth and purpose in life. Because of them, God was made real in my heart. Through them I gained vision and hope for the world in which we live. The teachings of Reverend and Mrs. Moon can be summed up in these few words: love and sacrifice for God and humanity. - Dr. Bo Hi Pak


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