Truth Is My Sword Volume I - Collected Speeches in the Public Arena

by Bo Hi Pak

Appendix I

Testimonies About CAUSA International Conference Participants

The work of Rev. Moon and the work of CAUSA are significant for all of the Americas. As a Korean, Rev. Moon has endured the suffering of a divided nation. Yet he has reached out beyond Korea, so that we of the Americas might know how to avoid similar suffering. For this I am deeply grateful.

His Excellency Mario Echandi

Former President of Costa Rica

Twenty years ago, who would have imagined that a minister from Korea would play a key role in the founding of a major American newspaper, The Washington Times? Or that this same Korean gentlemen would develop a network of Spanish-language newspapers in the United States and Latin America? Or that he would propose, design, and initiate exploratory excavations for a world highway system that includes a 100 kilometer underwater tunnel between Japan and Korea?

Who would have imagined that this same person would gather together Nobel Prize winners and other scientists at annual meetings in order to discuss the moral implications of modern science and technology?

Who would have predicted that a Korean man would sponsor a Global Congress of World Religions which gathers together leaders from the major faiths to discuss means for greater interreligious cooperation?

Those who are aware of these and the many other accomplishments of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon will not be surprised to learn that he has also established an innovative and historical Summit Council for World Peace.

His Excellency Francisco Morales Bermudez

Former President of the Republic of Peru

Dear Rev. Moon,

I have become familiar with your Unification Movement through CAUSA and the International Security Council. After attending a CAUSA seminar last year in Manila, I was convinced that Thailand should take positive steps to counter the communist threat. I gathered a committee of prominent Thai academics and military leaders, and asked a colleague of mine to translate the CAUSA Lecture Manual into the Thai language. This task has been completed.

There already exist in Thailand many influential individuals and groups concerned with social values that are willing to stand up against atheistic communism. By connecting these people and groups through CAUSA, we are seeing very positive results.

Thailand has changed very much since your brief visit more than twenty years ago. I sincerely hope that you can find the time to visit us once again.

General Saiyud Kerdphol

Former Commander-in-Chief

Royal Thai Armed Forces

I consider the holding of this CAUSA seminar to be of great importance because the ideology offers a solid basis for morality and because it makes a frontal assault on those who intend to impose hate and violence as a political system in order to dominate the people and nations which love peace and freedom.

His Excellency Luis Garcia Meza

President of the Republic of Bolivia

It is a great honor to be here at this CAUSA conference. I would like to congratulate Rev. Moon and all the members of his staff on the perfection you have displayed in organizing this conference and thank you for the love and care that you have shown to each one of us here.

During your briefings you stated that man can find God through logical thinking and through experience. While I do not belong to any religion, I have come to believe in God through my experiences in the war, and I know that God is with you in a special way. If you should need me, as a fighter, or in some other way, I am ready to serve.

His Excellency Nguyen Cao Ky

Former Premier of South Vietnam

It is fitting that this CAUSA conference should be held in the Philippines at this time. The sole cause to which CAUSA is dedicated is to arouse the people's will to overcome the menace of communism wherever it rears its ugly head. There is no better time and place to pursue this objective than today, right here in this country, and to persist until it is achieved.

His Excellency Salvador H. Laurel

Vice President of the Philippines

I commend all of you for being a part of this movement. I have had the great pleasure and honor of speaking at many American Leadership Conferences over the years, and I can say from my perspective that I don't know anything I would rather do. Unlike many conferences and seminars which I have found to be not all that meaningful, this one is.

U.S. Senator Paul Laxalt

Nevada, Chairman of the Reagan Presidential Campaign

I feel at home with this remarkable group. All of us make a lot of speeches during the year, but I have to tell you that this is my favorite crowd. I would like to pick out fifty-five of you and make senators out of you.

This group to me is just par excellence. You are all quality people, and I congratulate you for conducting these meetings several times a year.

U.S. Senator Jesse Helms

North Carolina

It really is a privilege to be here. Conferences like this one are going to help our country in what I would say is its most serious and important time. So, I commend you. I love you. I appreciate what you are doing.

U.S. Senator Orrin G. Hatch


It is a deep privilege to be a part of this important leadership conference, with people dedicated to explore the strengths of this country and the ways in which each one of us may be better stewards of the legacy we are privileged to have. At this conference you have enjoyed a rich diet of thought, dialogue and conversation.

U.S. Senator Richard G. Lugar


John Adams made the great case for public happiness when he said that there was a spirit among the colonists, a desire to participate in political action, a spirit of public happiness that was a different kind of happiness from the generalized thing we have now. He said it was so strong that the revolution was in fact won before it was fought. I think that is what we need now and what these conferences are helping to provide-a return to the sense of public happiness, but with an acceptance of all the obligations that go to make that happiness.

U.S. Senator Eugene McCarthy Minnesota

I am honored to have this occasion to welcome such a distinguished group of American leaders to California as you gather for the Seventh American Leadership Conference.

In this two-hundredth year of our nation's Constitution, it is especially fitting that the agenda before you undertakes to uphold those values and rights established and sustained by that document, and ultimately by the people it serves so nobly. I extend my best wishes to each of you for a most stimulating, enriching and successful conference.

U.S. Senator Pete Wilson


A few weeks ago I was asked by a reporter if I was involved with the American Leadership Conference. My answer was a brief one. I said, `I make no apology for opposing communism and I make no apology for supporting our traditional American values.'

U.S. Senator Carl T Curtis


I am here because I feel very much at home with the philosophy of this organization. It is very much an honor for me to be a part of the American Leadership Conference, a forum through which we reaffirm the principles and the ideals that have inspired our nation to become and remain the greatest nation on this planet.

U.S. Senator Charles Grassley


I feel very small indeed, but I accept the honor and the privilege of speaking in the name of the government of the Philippines and of bringing you the greetings of Her Excellency Corazon C. Aquino.

I am so happy that CAUSA International has come to the Philippines. Who knows, it may find the way to bring about a real political revolution, to bring about change in our political people, men and women, so that they might shed their selfish ambitions for the service of the people and the higher good.

Honorable Lourdez Quisumbing

Minister of Education, Culture and Sports Republic of the Philippines

I am thrilled that I can be with men and women who care deeply about the cause of freedom, democracy, and anti-communism, and of course those principles of Judeo-Christian America that must survive.

U.S. Congressman Jack R Kemp

New York

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

This American Leadership Conference is the kind of meeting that makes democracy meaningful.

U.S. Congressman Claude D. Pepper

I am convinced that Rev. Moon and this movement offer genuine hope to the people of Central America. Surrounded by underdevelopment, filled with corruption, destroyed by violence, and attacked by Soviet totalitarianism, our countries urgently need a worldview capable of mobilizing their moral resources to support liberty, justice, and peace. The vision of CAUSA offers such a worldview.

Ambassador Amilcar Santamaria

Minister of International Information,


It is my honor to welcome you to Washington, D.C., for the Sixth American Leadership Conference.

Recently I returned from a trip to Europe that included my first visit to the Berlin Wall. It was a visit that left a searing impression. There is perhaps no other city in the world where the differences between democracy and communism, freedom and tyranny, are so striking. And there is no other city in the world where the awful and ugly reality of communism is so evident.

I mention this visit as a way to reaffirm the values and beliefs that the American Leadership Conference has so courageously and vigorously defended. Your efforts in support of freedom fighters around the world and the ideals of Western civilization command the respect and appreciation of all Americans.

Honorable William J. Bennett

U.S. Secretary of Education

It is a pleasure to extend warm regards to all those attending the Seventh American Leadership Conference.

Our democratic system of government is dependent upon the informed participation of the citizens of our great nation. Your steadfast commitment to develop a comprehensive knowledge of our political system is truly inspiring and underscores your faith in America and the cherished principles upon which our great nation was founded.

Please accept my best wishes for an informative event and every future success and fulfillment.

Honorable George Deukmejian

Governor of California

We wish this CAUSA convention success in obtaining its objective of giving hope to millions of people the world over living under the threat of communism. We must pray for them as we Muslims pray for our brothers in Afghanistan. And we hope that CAUSA will continue because we expect so much from this organization in the fight to save our country from disaster.

Honorable Tarhata A. Lucman

Governor of Southern Mindanao

Republic of the Philippines

I am grateful to Rev. Moon that the CAUSA movement came to Europe at a crucial moment. Although disillusionment with Marxism was being felt in many countries, there was not a clear vision of how to address social ills. I would say the work of CAUSA helped prepare Europe for the rise of Gorbachev and the demise of communism. Furthermore, CAUSA's emphasis has always been nn the unity among nations. As Europe looks forward to greater international unity, CAUSA will provide meaningful insight into the future.

Honorable Pierre Ceyrac

Member of the European Parliament

Former Member of the French Parliament

CAUSA is an ambassador of good will to the people of America, helping them understand that our cause is one of goodness and on the side of the Gospel.

U.S. Congressman Mark Syljander


I have been attending these American Leadership Conferences for a number of years now and I have watched them grow in an amazing fashion. The basic premise of the first lectures was a glorious message of freedom and love, of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.

About the third time I went through the series of lectures I mentioned that I thought we ought to tell the people of America a little bit more about what America is all about. Let me tell you that you have gone beyond my fondest dreams in delivering that message of the Christian, God-fearing roots of America.

Honorable William C. Goodloe

Washington State Supreme Court Justice

The CAUSA seminar of last week was a deeply moving experience for me. I do not believe I have attended an event that has had a more profound impact on my life. I am indebted to you for causing one man to ponder deeply and seriously about what his real obligation in life should be."

Honorable Stan Stephens

Governor of Montana

From the way Rev. Moon speaks and the way he bears himself, I understand better the cause of CAUSA International from this living witness, who I say truly loves God because he truly loves his fellow man, and truly loves his fellow man because he truly loves God. I see a model of how it is to confront lies and deception.

I do not have the simplicity, courage, deep concern, and deep spirituality of Rev. Moon, but I can say that when I go home to my parish, to my people, I will at least know better and see more clearly the direction in which I have been leading myself in the service of God and mankind.

Bishop Leopold S. Tumulak

Official Representative of Cardinal Vidal

Chairman of the Archdiocese Commission of Information Republic of the Philippines

I want to express my gratitude to CAUSA International for helping us complete our orphanage in Honduras.

Mother Teresa

I see in Rev. Moon and in this organization of CAUSA a very unique synthesis that recognizes the importance of the spiritual component of man, as well as a very realistic and practical comprehension of security issues. I feel that the problem of international security is the most pressing concern as we move closer to the year 2000. It is indeed fortunate that a religious leader such as Rev. Moon has devoted such intense energy to the discussion of security issues and the elaboration of a positive strategy.

General Ramon Diaz Basone

Republic of Argentina

I should say that I experience a profound emotion when I understand the work that this movement of CAUSA has done against international communism. I see your voice as a solitary voice crying in the Congress of the United States in defense of free men. For us it has a very profound significance because we know that people such as Rev. Moon are pillars in the struggle against international communism.

With the sincerity of a soldier I want to inspire you to continue in the struggle because we also will continue struggling. I ask that God will give strength to Rev. Moon to continue tirelessly in this fight until we achieve the triumph we are hoping for.

General Claudio Lopez

Republic of Chile

I congratulate Rev. Moon and CAUSA International on organizing this American Leadership Conference. You are our tutors in democracy, liberty and human rights. We in the Philippines want you to know that although we are struggling to protect our democracy from totalitarianism, we look to you for inspiration. May you continue to lead America.

Mrs. Celia Diaz Laurel

Wife of the Vice President, Republic of the Philippines

All of what we have heard and the information that has been disseminated to us by CAUSA has truly great value.

Honorable Tim Babcock

Former Governor of Montana

During the last four days, I felt that I was recovering the spiritual heritage of my Orthodox Church. I understand that Rev. Moon's message is the revival of the Gospel and of the church. Because of CAUSA, I have come to the conclusion that I am not alone. The faithful are with me as a bishop. I wish to contribute to CAUSA and receive its message.

Bishop Crisostomos Salama

Republic of Brazil

Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal-all people are welcome in this great organization. I came into it because this organization crosses denominational lines, political lines, and racial lines. Now we have come together and agreed on one common cause.

Dr. Ralph D. Abernathy

American Civil Rights leader

Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican, or something else, I would assume that your participation in this conference means that you love freedom. We are glad to be a part of what you are doing here.

Rev. Jerry Falwell

President of Moral Majority

The American Leadership Conference and the people in CAUSA have worked to present the program you have heard. I have spoken at other American Leadership Conferences, and there is no doubt in my mind that what is done in these conferences is, as far as I have been able to find, absolutely unique in the country. I have enormous respect for the work CAUSA does, for the analysis, which is clear, accurate, and honest and looks in the round at these questions. These conferences are organized and conducted all over the United States to call to the attention of leadership personalities like yourselves the rather intricate aspects of communism that get overlooked in our daily debates.

William Rusher

Publisher of National Review

I went around this nation speaking, at both the invitation of Indian people and universities, and CAUSA sponsored me. I am grateful for Rev. Moon's commitment to my people and to their freedom.

Russell Means

American Indian Movement leader

It seems to me that the CAUSA Lecture Manual offers the best analysis of Marxism-Leninism in print.

Honorable Ricardo de La Cierva

Former Minister of Culture of Spain

We are here tonight because one man was tortured, beaten, given up for dead and cast out of a communist prison expecting that he would die. And when he had recovered sufficiently, he determined that he would try to get God's greatest resource, His people, to unite in a great common cause against evil.

Dr. Cleon Skousen

President of the National Center for Constitutional Studies

I wish briefly to mention the principles which guide the functioning of the Catholic University of La Plata, mentioning their similarity with those which guide the intellectual and substantial work of the spiritual, political, and social movement of CAUSA, headed by the two extraordinary individuals being honored in this ceremony, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Bo Hi Pak. We wish to honor them with the maximum academic award that we can offer.

Dr. Nicolas Argentato

President, The Catholic University of La Plata Republic of Argentina

I deeply appreciate the work of Rev. Moon and CAUSA for their clarification of democracy's intrinsic values.

Pedro Joaquin Chamorro Barrios, Jr.

Former Publisher of La Prensa

Managua, Nicaragua

Thank you for the invitation to serve in support of the American Leadership Conference.

The ALC that I attended in San Francisco was the most rewarding conference experience I have ever had. It was not only educational and informative but an inspiration for one to stand firm in patriotism for our country and to resolve to support the freedoms insured by our Constitution.

Richard A. Thompson State Senator


Many thanks for one of the finest programs I have ever attended." James T. Kallman Circuit Judge Lansing, Michigan

The excellent schooling in the history and evolution of communism should be required in every public school in America.

Stephen D. Stoddard

State Senator

Santa Fe, New Mexico

The entire conference was done to perfection. I left Washington with new enthusiasm and energy, and I will be active in the fight to keep America strong spiritually, economically, and militarily.

Lynn R. Wachtmann State Representative Columbus, Ohio

I was impressed with the general format of the conference. I have attended well over 100 conferences in my twenty-two years in the legislature. This meeting moved faster, had more meat in the presentations, and kept the attention of the participants to a greater degree than the vast majority of its predecessors.

Delwyn Stromer

State Representative Des Moines, Iowa

The quiet competence of your associates, the excellence of the presentations, and above all the courtesy of Rev. Moon and CAUSA will certainly serve as an inspiration to this participant in the days ahead.

John L. Swan

Archdiocese of New York

I recently had the opportunity to attend a CAUSA seminar ... I found, for the first time in years, a group of concerned individuals who were well informed on the true picture of the world situation.

Those presenting the material were well prepared and articulate. I left the seminar with a wealth of new information, as well as a clearer picture of the world communist threat.

George S. Van De Water


Orem, Utah

Frankly, I was quite impressed with the presentations, professional organization, and non-sectarian (but uplifting) messages. I learned far more about the inherent evils of communism than I had ever before. As far as I'm concerned, CAUSA is indeed the major anti-communist educational organization in existence.

Andre Marrou

State Representative Alaska

I truly appreciate the knowledge of Rev. Moon. That the communists in the United States would go to such lengths to silence him indicates to me how successful this great hero for freedom has been in fighting communism.

Robert B. Steele

Retired Federal Civil Service Nenia, Ohio

I will be pleased to join with you and other distinguished Americans in support of the objectives of the American Leadership Conference, in trying to create a better world where there can be peace with freedom and justice for all.

Ambassador Douglas McArthur II Former U.S. Ambassador to Japan

CAUSA International is to be commended for its efforts to educate the citizens of our great country on the threats facing it. Your flawless organization and outstanding cast of credible speakers provided for a very enjoyable and educational experience." Honorable Patrick J. Combs Assistant to the Secretary of State State of Nebraska

The conference in Washington was very inspiring and enlightening. I had no idea that any organization was working against communism as CAUSA is.

Honorable Marion Wofford House of Representatives

South Dakota State Legislature

First of all, I wish to thank Rev. Moon for providing us with such a wonderful opportunity. Education is the door to truth, and without proper knowledge we shall perish.

Dr. Sherrill J. Boyd


Manhattan, Kansas

Your recent leadership conference which I was privileged to attend was an enlightening experience. The organization of CAUSA is rendering a tremendous service to America and to freedom everywhere by sponsoring such informative seminars.

Louis J. Michot

Former Los Angeles Superintendent of Schools

Louis Michot & Associates, Inc.

Lafayette, Louisiana

I follow your activities closely and I am impressed by how much you have managed to achieve in a short period of time.

Daniel Pipes

Foreign Policy Research Institute

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Can you imagine the capital of the free world having only one voice, and a liberal one at that? My God! Yet that was the situation in Washington, D.C., before our Korean owner stepped forward. I want to thank Rev. Moon for giving us the chance to establish a newspaper that is proud of being called American.

Arnaud de Borchgrave

Editor in Chief

The Washington Times

I do not feel that I am capable of summarizing this conference, but I do feel that this is a leadership conference and that we are called upon to be leaders. Steam doesn't do anything at 211 degrees. It has to be 212 degrees. This conference has given us the tools to become the heating elements that can raise the temperature of our communities to 212 degrees.

We cannot hang out the `Do Not Disturb' sign outside our rooms. We don't like to disturb people, or be disturbed, but that is exactly what we need to do.

We are the trustees of our nation, families, schools, and churches. We have the obligation to become leaders so that we become worthy of that trust.

There are two seas in Israel. One of them receives water from the Jordan River and passes it on. That sea is teeming with life.

The other is more shrewd. It receives the water, but it is too smart to give one drop away. It keeps it all. That sea is called the Dead Sea, and there is no life there. We can either be like the Sea of Galilee or the Dead Sea. This conference has given us the tools to be like the Sea of Galilee.

Finally, take your hands and put them over your ears. Who is the head of CAUSA? It can now be said that the head of CAUSA is in your hands.

Honorable Allen Beermann Secretary of State


Interesting, informative, well planned, and useful. One of the best, if not the best, conference that I have ever attended. CAUSA is to be commended for providing a valuable service to concerned legislators.

Honorable Michael Patrick

State Representative


There was the high quality and commitment of the speakers, who are among the finest available in the world. From the insight received from their talks, everyone will feel compelled to share this experience when they return home.

Honorable Dolores Crow State Representative

Nampa, Idaho

Definitely a `notch above.' Exceptional observations with, in some cases, startling information.

Honorable Jim Rupp

State Senator

Decatur, Illinois

This CAUSA conference represents the most unique approach to educating Americans-academia, in particular-about the dangers of losing our freedom to a sinful political system called communism.

I am very appreciative of your invitation and look forward to a continued involvement with CAUSA.

James C. Moone, Ph.D.

Founding Director of African Studies Department

Professor of International Relations, Georgetown University

Excellent! I am of the conviction, after hearing the various points of view presented and backed up by extraordinary visual displays, that the nature of the Cold War between the free world and communist world is one of ideology and that America must take the lead in this battle, not with her military might necessarily or her technology, but with her deep faith in and acknowledgment of Godism as expounded by CAUSA.

Rodney K. Douglas

Professor/Administrator Poughkeepsie, New York

The conference has offered a dynamic portrayal of the absolute danger of communism to America and freedom. We must definitively understand that we cannot coexist with communism.

Honorable Eldon Rudd

Attorney, Former Congressman Scottsdale, Arizona

Very professional, informative, well planned. Wish it could be presented to every civics class in America.

Delegate Marjorie H. Burke

Sand Fork, West Virginia

It was very educational and enlightening. The speakers were very good, the presentations outstanding. I believe that this type of conference would he an excellent tool in our universities.

Honorable Toots Green

State Representative

Alamogordo, New Mexico

Excellent speakers who help create a desire and cause to dedicate oneself to freedom for all people. The CAUSA manual is an excellent source book.

Honorable Richard E. Chalk, Jr. State Representative

High Point, North Carolina

This is one of the most informative conferences I have ever attended. The topics are right for these times. The conference informs and helps us form in our minds the appropriate response to the confusion being engendered by Marxist-Leninists and fellow travelers. It is making us aware of what is wrong in the world and it gives us solutions to these vexing problems. It puts the perspective correctly in God's design for a peaceful world and love and respect for the dignity of our fellow man, who is made in the image and likeness of God.

Honorable E.J. Giorgi

State Representative

Rockford, Illinois

This conference was a real eye-opener. It was a time to sit back and think, even reflect, on what direction we need to be heading in. I leave with a new perspective, a renewed faith in my country and a new outlook on my fellow man. Thanks for the invitation.

Honorable Kevin L. Hatfield State Representative Huntsville, Alabama

Excellent! I am convinced that the American people simply do not understand communism. It is not being taught. They don't understand about the founding of America. They don't understand that communism is out to dominate the world.

Honorable James E. Jeffries Former Congressman

Atchison, Kansas

Most enlightening, inspiring. Your approach (ideological) is the only way. Critics need only sit through one of your seminars. Your program has balance, class.

Honorable Charlie W Britnell State Representative

Russellville, Alabama

Excellent presentation. Vital subject matter. Sound philosophy (political and spiritual). Appropriate speakers. Personally, the whole program was greatly appreciated and sincerely enjoyed.

Honorable Thomas F Keating

State Senator

Billings, Montana

I was tremendously impressed by this conference because I had no idea that anywhere in this world there was an organization that stands for what I so strongly believe in.

I myself have preached about the evil of communism and the absolute need for God and a strong family unit as the basis to prevent the destruction of our great nation and the entire world.

Honorable Donald J. Valento

State Representative

St. Paul, Minnesota

I appreciated the opportunity to attend. It has given me an in-depth look at the evils of communism and its ever-present threat to freedom worldwide. I now have a greater commitment in my role as a political leader to preserve freedom in America.

Honorable Melvin R. Brown

State Representative

Midvale, Utah

This conference was well prepared and well presented. The information was informative, enjoyable and beneficial. I have learned a great deal and have acquired an improved understanding of communism and of our own country. I am very glad that I attended and deeply appreciate the opportunity that has been afforded me by CAUSA. I feel that as a result of this conference I am better prepared to serve in the South Carolina General Assembly.

Honorable John D. Bradley III State Representative

South Carolina

Inspiring, heartwarming, and challenging! You have correctly pointed out that Americans are not being educated with the truth, and that when we know the truth we will act correctly and courageously. You are providing one of the greatest educations for our people in the fundamental principles of life and in what made this country so great, believing in God and following the principles of His Word.

You have continuously demonstrated a vision that only God could provide, and through your vision and sharing with so many, our nation of freedom and hope will not perish.

Honorable Ronald H. Aldridge State Representative


Tremendously informative, inspiring and motivating. Most valuable in bringing together people who are conscious of the real and present danger confronting our nation and the free world. It lessens the feeling of being `alone' in the concern that we as individuals have. By bringing people together and arming them with facts, action can be stimulated throughout the country.

Carlyle Reed


Goldbar, Washington

I sincerely thank the staff. Over the past few days I have had the opportunity to get a boost from CAUSA. I have experienced a renewal and a commitment in God from the conference. As leaders and individuals, we have to take what we have been given by God and join hands to pull our country through. Before I came here, I was scared of losing my country. But as I look out at each one of you, I thank you for your commitment.

Honorable Charles Silvia

State Representative


I want to say thank you. I have never seen a conference run as well. I feel I have received the equivalent of a four-year college education in four days. I was beginning to wonder whether I was alone. It is very reassuring to find that I am not. As practicing politicians, we are stimulated by action. So wherever we can make a law or express an opinion that carries part of what we've learned here, let's do it. Thank you, CAUSA.

Honorable Gerald Cardinale

State Senator

New Jersey

I am really proud of CAUSA, because you are fighting the number one fight, the battle against communism.

Honorable James Shaw

State Senator


I congratulate you on the finest and the most informative presentation I have ever experienced. It was the most memorable weekend in my sixty-three years of life. May God Bless CAUSA.

Edward H. DeBoer

Nampa, Idaho

I am very grateful to Rev. Moon and CAUSA for what you are doing for freedom in the world. I share the goal of freedom for Moscow and believe in CAUSA's steps to accomplish that goal. The speakers were exceptional. I consider Rev. Moon to be a shining example of courage and freedom in the world today.

Honorable Larry E. Etheridge State Representative

North Carolina

God bless you all for your wonderful work in carrying the message of freedom versus communism to so many people! I truly believe that CAUSA will be a catalyst in liberating the people enslaved by communism.

Mark Wofford South Dakota

I think every city square in America should have a statue of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon for his having created The Washington Times and CAUSA.

Ralph Smead Boise, Idaho

The CAUSA conference has been an excellent opportunity to focus on the problems of worldwide communism and the needed response from the United States and our allies. The conference also allowed me to learn about CAUSA being an organization dedicated to educating individuals and improving their lives.

Honorable William S. Owen State Senator


Dr. Pak, I would like you to take this message to Rev. Moon. I am a registered nurse and was on the staff of hospitals in San Francisco from 1968 to 1972. You have all heard of Haight-Ashbury. I volunteered up on Haight-Ashbury when I could, and I saw what narcotics did to our younger generation. Rev. Moon saved many of those young people with his representation up there. I did not see too many of our established churches represented there, but I did hear Rev. Moon's people up there. I'm a cradle Catholic and now a practicing Presbyterian and an elder in the Presbyterian Church. But what Rev. Moon did up in Haight-Ashbury, saving so many of our young people, I appreciated at that time and now appreciate it much more.

Mrs. Mildred Curtis

Wife of U.S. Senator Carl Curtis Lincoln, Nebraska

The conference deepened my convictions, strengthened my appreciation for our founding fathers and gave me hope for the future of the country

Rev. David O'Connell Connecticut

I was very much impressed with those on the program. The message of this conference is one that all Americans should hear.

Honorable Thomas W Johnson

State Representative


Excellent. Everyone should know what you are doing. I commend you.

Honorable Paul E. Smith State Representative


News Articles

CAUSA has issued some excellent pamphlets and sponsored worthwhile conferences on international topics. For example, I attended an April 23, 1984, conference on the Middle East. One need not agree with all the speakers to recognize that they were scholarly and well-informed. CAUSA sponsors the International Security Council conference, which issues occasional pamphlets on international topics. Its most impressive publication is the quarterly, Global Affairs.

Marvin Maurer,


Letter to the Editor, The Outlook Student Newspaper

Monmouth College

Mr. Speaker, in recognition of the increasing challenge being leveled at the western hemisphere by the Soviet Union directly and through the use of regional surrogates, in particular Cuba and Nicaragua, the International Security Council convened a group of twenty-two renowned international statesmen and scholars in Quito, Ecuador, July 20-22, 1986, to consider the question of collective security in the western hemisphere and the OAS.

The distinguished participants, representing a wide range of perspectives, have issued the following statement to alert the peoples of the hemisphere to the emerging threat to regional security.

Mr. Speaker, as we again debate President Reagan's policy in support of freedom and democracy in Central America, I urge you and our colleagues to read and ponder the words of the Quito Declaration.

Honorable Robert K. Dornan

Congressional Record

100th Congress, 1st Session

March 11, 1987

Secret notes from American intelligence officers fell into the hands of The Washington Post's political observer J. Anderson that tell in black and white of the important role which `Reverend' Moon plays in the organization of the struggle against the insurgent movements in Central America. It turns out that after the U.S. Congress was forced by pressure of public opinion to limit the growth of CIA appropriations for secret operations in Nicaragua and El Salvador, the White House found an `extremely effective' solution.

With their help, a pseudo-religious organization named `CAUSA International' was created in a number of Central American countries, which, `as a private, non-government group' took upon itself a significant share of the expense in the battle against national liberation movements in the countries of Central America.

It also became clear from the document that the American special services are widely supplying the pupils of the criminal Moon with military techniques and equipment. Huge monetary transfers are continuously wired to the address of `CAUSA International,' which has its headquarters in the capital city of Honduras. And all of this, of course, is covered up with demagoguery about the striving of CAUSA International to block the path of world communism.

Izves tia

August 25, 1984


The CIA rules its `internationale' indirectly through puppets, such as the political organization of the `Unification Church' of Moon, which is called `CAUSA.' It has already been functioning officially for several years in France. `CAUSA' is used by the CIA not only as a channel for collecting and transferring funds to the Nicaraguans as well as other `contras' but also to subsidize anti-Soviet emigres within the context of Moon's proclaimed `strategy of encirclement of the USSR.' It is characteristic that CAUSA is headed by the South Korean CIA Colonel Pak.


March 23, 1987

Fields of CAUSA activity are not limited to the military. The movement is non-sectarian, and there is a CAUSA Ministerial Alliance. Conferences include civic and education leaders and former ambassadors. The objective is to mobilize opinion leaders in all walks of life

CAUSA has a strong religious coloration centered upon belief in God; however, it welcomes participation by people of all faiths.

You don't have to be a mystic or religious zealot to believe that there is such a thing as moral/spiritual power and that such power can be meaningful in the motivation of men. `The ultimate forces of the Universe,' it has been said, `are not material; they are spiritual.' CAUSA may well be an idea whose time has come.

The CIMA (CAUSA International Military Association) was well worth attending. It offers a stimulating intellectual experience and a reaffirmation of values that we all cherish. In the words of Maj. Gen R.G.

Cicolella, USA (Ret), who attended a different conference, `I came here with some skepticism. I've never attended a conference or seminar that to me was more meaningful, interesting, pleasant or useful than this one.' "The CAUSA movement warrants admiration and respect." Gen Herbert G. Sparrow, USA (Ret) CAUSA International Military Association Conference The Retired Officer May 1986

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