Truth Is My Sword Volume I - Collected Speeches in the Public Arena

by Bo Hi Pak

Appendix II

Brief Chronology of the Life of Dr. Bo Hi Pak

Date of Birth: August 18, 1930

Place: Chung Nam Province (100 miles south of Seoul), Korea

Parents: Dong Hyun Pak (father), Pyung Chun Han (mother)

Siblings: No Hi (brother); Ahn Hi and Eun Hi (sisters)

Married: Ki Sook Yoon (November 29, 1953)

Blessed: Blessed by Reverend and Mrs. Moon in the 36 Couples Blessing (May 16, 1961)

Children: Na Kyung (Grace), November 11, 1954; Jun Sun (Jonathan), May 30, 1957; Jin Sung (James), March 23, 1962; Hoon Sook (Julia), January 25, 1963; Yun Sook (tunny), May 25, 1964; and J in Kyung (Samuel), January 28, 1966

Education and Teaching Career

1937-1943 Dogo Elementary School

1943-1946 Chun-An Agricultural High School

1947-1950 Elementary school teacher, Dogo Elementary School

1962-1964 Studied part-time at the School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.


1950 June 1: entered Korean Military Academy as a cadet; participated in combat as a cadet when the Korean War broke out 25 days later on June 25, 1950.

1950 October: graduated Korean Military Combined School and commissioned as a second lieutenant.

1950-1952 Assigned to the 28th Regiment 9th R.O.K. Division; served as company commander in combat during the Korean War.

1952 March-September: Studied in the United States at U.S. Army Infantry School, Fort Benning, Georgia.

1952-1955 October 1952 returned to Korea and served in Korean Army Infantry School as instructor until 1955.

1955-1956 Studied English at Army Language School.

1956-1957 Received advanced training, U.S. Army Infantry School, Fort Benning, Georgia.

1957-1959 Served as Special Assistant to Chief of U.S. Military Advisory Group, Seoul, Korea.

1960-1961 Served as Special Assistant to Vice Minister of Defense, Seoul, Korea.

1961-1964 Served as Assistant Military Attaché, Korean Embassy, Washington, D.C.

1964 Honorable discharge from military service with the rank of lieutenant colonel.

Professional Career

1965 Appointed as missionary to the United States; founded Unification Church of Washington, D.C.

1965-Present President, Korean Cultural and Freedom Foundation, Inc., Washington, D.C. Principal sponsors of Radio of Free Asia, The Little Angels, and Children's Relief Fund.

1969-Present Chairman and President, Korean Cultural Foundation, Inc. Seoul, Korea, which produces The Little Angels and the Universal Ballet Company in Seoul, Korea.

1971-Present Appointed and served as Special Assistant to Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Founder of the Unification Church.

1973 Principal, The Little Angels Arts School, Seoul, Korea.

1974 Principal Evangelist and Director General of the Sun Myung Moon Christian Crusade.

1976-1988 Chairman, Sun-Hwa Educational Foundation, Seoul, Korea.

1976-1990 President and Publisher, The News World daily newspaper in New York City (later renamed New York City Tribune).

1977-1991 President, Unification Church International.

1977-Present Member of the Board, Unification Church International.

1978-1995 President, World Media Association.

1980-1992 President and Publisher, Noticias Del Mundo, New York Spanish-language daily newspaper.

1981-Present President, CAUSA International.

1982-1992 President, The Washington Times Corporation.

The Washington Times daily newspaper
Insight weekly magazine
World & I monthly academic journal

1982-1997 Chairman of the Board, The Washington Times Corporation.

1983-1997 Chairman, Association for the Unity of Latin America.

1986-Present President, Universal Ballet Foundation, corporate sponsors of the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, D.C.

1987-1997 President, Summit Council For World Peace.

1990-Present Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Panda Motors Corporation in the United States, Hong Kong, and China.

1991-1994 President and Publisher, Segye Ilbo daily news paper, Seoul, Korea.

1991-Present Co-Chairman, Federation For World Peace.

1996-Present Co-Chairman, Federation of Island Nations for World Peace.

1997-Present Chairman Emeritus, The Washington Times Corporation.

1998-Present Honorary Chairman, Asian People's Federation, Tokyo, Japan.

1998-Present Chairman, Kumgangsan International Group, Seoul, Korea.


1953 For Outstanding Military Service in Combat, awarded the Medal of Gold Star Hwa-Rang.

1971 For Outstanding Service and Contribution Made in the Cultural Field, the Government of the Republic of Korea decorated him with the National Medal, Dong-Baek.

1984 In recognition of Meritorious Service to Humanity, La Plata Catholic University of Argentina conferred Honorary Doctorate Degree "Honoris Causa in the Humanities."

1990 For Contributions to International Peace, honored with the Investiture of "Academic" by the Mexican Academy of International Law.

1991 Man of the Year by Who's Who in U.S. Business Executives and nominated for Who's Who in International Business Executives for outstanding accomplishments as a business executive.

1992 The Order of Liberty and Unity by the Association for the Unity of Latin America for Contributions toward Hemispheric Unity and the Promotion of Intercultural Exchange.

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