Truth Is My Sword Volume I - Collected Speeches in the Public Arena

by Bo Hi Pak

Introduction to the Life and Works of Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon

November 21, 1997

As an honored guest and keynote speaker of the U.S.-Asia Foundation, Dr. Pak used the occasion to give an overview of Reverend Moon's life, ideas, and work for world peace. The remarks were given on November 21, 1997, in Potomac, Maryland.

Our gracious hostess, Mrs. Kim, your excellencies, ladies and gentlemen. First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the U.S.-Asia Foundation and Mrs. Helen Kim for presenting such a splendid party in my honor, with such a distinguished group of VIPs in such a beautiful setting.

Mrs. Kim, you are beautiful, your friends are gorgeous, and your home is lovely. Let us give a great applause to our gracious hostess, Mrs. Helen Kim. And it is my distinct honor and privilege to speak to you tonight.

Before I go into the heart of my message, may I thank you for viewing this documentary film together, "Truth Is My Sword." It is indeed my great honor. Although the film is 19 years old, it goes to the heart of my life and my commitment to Reverend Moon and to God.

No doubt I have viewed this film innumerable times, but each time I do, it moves me a great deal, and tonight is no exception. I was in tears, not because I took pity on myself or was saddened to recollect the misery I felt at that time.

I shed tears because I am grateful to Almighty God who gave me the courage, the opportunity, and used me as His instrument to speak His truth. The testimony I was speaking is as relevant today as it was then. I must honestly confess, I do not know whether or not I could do the same, if a similar situation were presented today. It was not my doing, it was the spirit of God. And so I am inspired and moved every time I see this film because I see God in action.

For this same reason, this film has been translated into several languages. It may probably be one of the most often viewed documentaries in many, many countries. Tens of thousands of people have viewed this film in tears. In some countries, it was even televised nationwide.

You have seen this necktie somewhere. Yes, in the film. This tie is 19 years old. I use it only on special occasions like this occasion. It is my victory tie. It will bring a lot of good fortune to you and me. Someday this tie will go to a museum.

This documentary is an excellent introduction for the man I want to speak about tonight. Now I would like to talk to you about this man of God I have known for 40 years, who indeed I call a peacemaker and unifier.

Reverend Moon and His Basic Philosophy

Reverend Moon would like to see real peace achieved in our world, by promoting dialogue, understanding, and cooperation between all nations and peoples of the world. He has been working toward real peace all his life. He comes from a small country, Korea, which was literally torn apart by war and remains divided today. He experienced firsthand the torment of communism, the human disaster of war, and he became one of millions of homeless refugees.

Therefore, Reverend Moon knows that peace is not merely the absence of war, but has a more profound meaning. He once told a Russian newspaper, "If we have not achieved peace, it is because people forget its most fundamental aspect. Before we talk about peace among nations, we must settle our peace with God."

Reverend Moon is determined to make God a living reality in all aspects of human life. Whether in business, education, communication, or humanitarian efforts, his emphasis has always been the search for those eternal and absolute values that alone can bring true peace to a suffering humankind.

He was a man called by God to do His divine mission. In 1936, when he was 16 years old on Easter Sunday, he was in deep prayer on a mountain in what is now North Korea. Jesus appeared to him in a clear vision and anointed him with his divine mission, which Jesus left unfulfilled here on earth 2,000 years ago, namely building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Exactly 60 years later from that experience, Reverend Moon shared some of that content of his revelation in his Founder's Address before the Federation for World Peace in 1995, in Seoul. I quote from his address:

As a youth, I was called upon by God to investigate the great principles of the universe. As I searched, through prayer and study, I came to discover the great truth, that mankind has been seeking throughout history, and the great Unification Principle through which all humanity can return to true love and consummate true world peace.

A physician needs to diagnose the precise cause of an illness in order to cure the patient. Likewise, the Unification Principle clearly points to the reason human society fell into misery. It reveals the course of the human fall, which led to the unprincipled world with which we struggle every day.

Once the cause is diagnosed, the life-saving prescription can be applied. For the last 40 years, I have anxiously traveled the globe with this prescription and devoted myself to sharing it with the world.

What, then, is this life-saving prescription that he is speaking about? Reverend Moon went on to emphasize three key points revealed to him:

First, God is a living God, the Parent of humankind; He is our Father and we are His children.
Second, God's original personality is true love, and He created humankind and all things to fulfill His true love.
Finally, God, as the invisible Parent, intends to establish physical True Parents on earth, so that all people can be eternally restored, by regaining true love, true life, and true lineage, when they achieve unity with the ideals of the True Parents.

Out of this revelation from God, a new movement was born and spread like wildfire, all over the world. Today, it is known as the Unification Movement, and it is based on the understanding that Reverend and Mrs. Moon are the realization of the ideal of the True Parents. I, myself, do revere Reverend and Mrs. Moon as my True Parents. So will all of humankind eventually.

What I have just shared I realize is a powerful pronouncement. What is at the core of Reverend Moon is deeply spiritual and internal. While he is very much involved in all fields of human endeavor, none is more important or crucial than that of the inner human spirit, which he seeks to reunite with God.

Reverend Moon's Analysis of Communism and the Victory-Over-Communism Movement

With this as background, you may know that all his life Reverend Moon was an ardent opponent of communism; he was concerned about the danger to the free world posed by Soviet expansionism. Reverend Moon is not opposed to communism because of its socialistic system, but because of its fundamental atheistic view of life. It is a power against God and denies the very existence of God. That is what he opposed all his life.

He asked, "What is communism and where does its power come from?" Communism is more than a political system, more than a social system, more than an economic system. Communism is an ideology, a system of thought, or a godless religion. He saw that the Soviet threat is one of ideas more than arms. He came to the conclusion: Communism cannot be defeated militarily and its adherents cannot be bribed into giving it up. It can be defeated in only one way: by being confronted with an idea that is better.

And he gave birth to that better idea, called Godism or a God-centered worldview. By 1960, Reverend Moon had developed a powerful international Victory-Over-Communism movement based on this God-centered worldview which does two essential things: (1) it totally exposes the lies and deceptions of communism, and (2) it presents a clear counterproposal to the communist views. In other words, Godism offers a complete solution to atheism.

In 1985, in Geneva at an international scholarly conference, Reverend Moon proclaimed that the end of the Soviet Union would come within five years! No one believed his shocking statement. The Soviet Union, at that time, seemed to be at the height of its power. As you know, however, the collapse of the Berlin Wall came November 9, 1989, which was the prelude to the downfall of the communist empire. And the Soviet empire itself came to an end on Christmas Day 1991.

We are all fortunate now to live in the post-Cold War era, but let me elaborate further about the decisive contributions Reverend Moon made to help bring about the demise of the communist empire.

Reverend Moon has always believed that a strong America is the key to defeat communism, in particular, strong presidential leadership. Without this strong America and strong presidential leadership, fighting against "the evil empire" was impossible. And Reverend Moon knew through revelation that God had picked Ronald Reagan for this providential mission.

Reverend Moon's Prediction of Reagan Landslide

In 1980, Reverend Moon stood up and supported the election of Ronald Reagan as the 40th president of the United States. He saw it as the will of God. At that time I was president of the newspaper he founded in New York, The News World. Reverend Moon asked me to go to see candidate Ronald Reagan in Ohio and inform him of his prediction that Reagan's victory would he the will of God. It was a shocking news to Ronald Reagan, yet very good news indeed. I recall candidate Reagan humbly saying at that time, "I wish I could have as much confidence in myself as Reverend Moon does."

The day before election day, November 4, 1980, Reverend Moon asked me to print his prediction in The News World newspaper. He said, "Print, 'Reagan Landslide' in huge banner headlines!" I was shocked.

At that time, only a person who was a little crazy would say something like this. No sane person would say such a thing. Everybody thought the race was too close to call. No one had dared to predict Reagan's victory. But I took it on faith. We indeed printed: "Reagan Landslide!" We delivered this newspaper to Ronald Reagan on election day morning. He was overjoyed. He took the newspaper with him immediately to a press conference that was televised all over the country.

On election day, the American people were befuddled. They saw the headline "Reagan Landslide" prominently on the television screen. "Did Reagan win already?" they wondered. "No, I have not even voted yet. Did I sleep too long? What's happening here?" They interpreted "Reagan Landslide" as fact only because the print that shows it to be The News World's prediction was too small to be read on the TV screen. I tell you this was a magnificent strategy. You know Americans like to join a winner. The American people were psychologically prepared for a "Reagan Landslide" even before they went to the polls.

To the total surprise to the nation, that evening by 11 p.m., the "Reagan Landslide" had become a reality. This time I held a press conference in New York. The press corps was almost crazy. People were shouting at me all over the place, "How did you know it would be a Reagan landslide? How many people did you call to make this prediction? 1,000 people? 5,000? 10,000?"

I said, "No, I called only one person." "What? One person? Who did you call?" the press asked. "I called Reverend Moon." "Reverend Moon? Do you mean this was Reverend Moon's prediction?" I responded, "By all means, it was Reverend Moon's prediction." People then asked, "How did he know?" "I heard he also made one telephone call, too." "What! Who did he call?" "He called God." "You mean he called God, the Almighty?" "Yes," I said. Everyone shouted then, "Oh! My God. Could you kindly give us God's telephone number?" I said, "I'm sorry. It was a hotline."

It was an amazing story. I had never experienced such an exciting press conference in my life. But this is a true story. This came from Reverend Moon's God-given insight.

The Founding of the Washington Times

However, this was not the only contribution Reverend Moon has made to bring down the Soviet Empire. Probably the more significant contribution would be the founding of The Washington Times in Washington, D.C., as the second daily newspaper in the nation's capital. Could you imagine what Washington would have been like with only one newspaper?

The Washington Times has continuously published for the past 15 years at an aggregated investment of well over $1 billion! It was indeed a most precious investment for freedom. It is now a must-read for all opinion makers not only in Washington, but all over the United States, and ranks among the great newspapers of the world! As House Speaker Newt Gingrich has said, "The Washington Times has the real interests of America at heart."

When Reagan's term came near to an end, he invited me, as the president of The Washington Times, to the Oval Office in the White House. President Reagan said, "Dr. Pak, no one appreciates the value of The Washington Times more than I. Without The Washington Times, my Reagan Doctrine would have been a failure. It could not have triumphed over the Brezhnev Doctrine. Would you kindly convey my deep thanks and appreciation to Reverend Moon, the founder of The Washington Times?" He firmly grabbed my hands in appreciation. This is indeed a historic picture!

Reverend and Mrs. Moon's Historic Trips

Reverend and Mrs. Moon boldly entered Moscow in April 1990 and had a one-on-one meeting in the Kremlin with Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev. It was another miracle. Reverend Moon conveyed his support for Gorbachev's policies of glasnost and perestroika. I was a sole witness because I was there to translate that extraordinary meeting. Reverend Moon persuaded President Gorbachev to allow religious freedom, to allow God to enter the Soviet Union. In my opinion, this meeting was crucially important in the sight of God. It was, in a way, the beginning of a peaceful process of the demise of the Soviet empire. Reverend Moon indeed motivated Gorbachev in the direction of peaceful reform. The greatest miracle that occurred in this century was the liberation of the Soviet Union without nuclear war.

After that meeting with President Gorbachev, Reverend Moon told me, "Now I must meet with Kim II Sung of North Korea." I was shocked. It was a sheer impossibility. Yet Reverend Moon said, "God will lead me to Pyongyang." Why was he so determined to see Kim Il Sung? Because as he saw the end of the Soviet Union coming, Reverend Moon's concern shifted to another part of the world, the Korean Peninsula, a potential powder keg. Reverend Moon did not want that isolated country to feel trapped and therefore respond defensively and desperately. Knowing the tragedy of the 1950s Korean War, Reverend Moon indeed wants to prevent at any cost another outbreak of hostilities on the Korean peninsula.

On November 30, 1991, I escorted Reverend and Mrs. Moon on a special flight to the North Korean capital, Pyongyang. Six days later, the world's foremost anti-communist, Reverend Moon embraced President Kim Il Sung and sat down with the world's foremost communist dictator in the presidential palace.

I was there as the entire world was shocked by this news. Yet for me, it was probably the greatest, warmest, most hospitable peace-making event ever on the face of the earth. Simply, I want to say that Reverend Moon prevented another Korean War by assuring President Kim he would be a friend and brother and look after his well-being.

This is a memorial photo of Reverend and Mrs. Moon with President Kim. The next photo is my wife and myself.

Kim Il Sung passed away on July 8, 1994. I went to Pyongyang to represent Reverend and Mrs. Moon and mourn the late president. I was proud to be part of this humanitarian gesture and to convey the condolences of Reverend and Mrs. Moon. I was the only outside mourner to be received by the top leader, Chief Secretary Kim Jong Il, heir of his father, President Kim Il Sung. Today, Reverend Moon is a world leader whom North Korea can trust. For this reason, Reverend Moon played the pivotal role in bringing about the nuclear agreement between the United States and North Korea in October 1994.

With the demise of communism, Reverend Moon is concentrating on moral issues. His number one task is education: sound moral education, particularly of young people. In over 160 countries, moral education is being given based on the Unification Principle. Through an unselfish way of life, we can practice true love and build strong, God-centered families, which are the building blocks of a new peaceful world.

On July 28, 1993, Mrs. Moon, who is a great partner for peace with Reverend Moon, made an historic speech on Capitol Hill before U.S. senators and congressmen on the topic of family values. Sen. Orrin Hatch introduced Mrs. Moon. It was a landmark speech on family issues and deeply moved the senators and congressmen. The U.S. Congress was so moved and inspired by her speech, as well as her initiative as president of the Women's Federation for World Peace, that both houses passed unanimously and enacted the Parents Day Resolution. President Clinton signed into law and declared that the third Sunday of July, every year, would be Parents Day in the United States. Isn't that historical?

The Blessing of the Unification Church

As you know, Reverend Moon has become quite well known over the years for conducting large international wedding ceremonies. This is part of the True Family movement. They officiated at the 1992 International Holy Wedding of 30,000 couples in Seoul's Olympic stadium. And they did it again in the 1995 International Holy Wedding in Seoul for 360,000 couples, held via satellite around the world.

What comes next is far more impressive. A week from tomorrow on Saturday, November 29, 1997, Reverend and Mrs. Moon will officiate at the greatest blessing of 3.6 million couples here in Washington at R. F. K. Stadium. But even more amazing things are happening. The 3.6 million goal was far exceeded by tenfold. Now worldwide blessing candidates number more than 36 million couples! Wow!

What is this Blessing anyway? The blessing symbolizes each couple's desire to connect both vertically with God and horizontally in human brotherhood, transcendent of race, nationality, and religion.

In this ceremony, newlyweds, or already married couples simply wishing to renew their vows, pledge purity and fidelity to each other before God, accepting each other as God's son and daughter in the name of the True Parents.

This blessing allows men and women to protect the sanctity and holiness of the act of love between husband and wife by not engaging in premarital or extramarital relations. After being blessed with their ideal counterpart, husband and wife love one another with no limit, for the rest of eternity. Reverend Moon feels this is the only real fundamental way to prevent and even eradicate the AIDS epidemic from the face of the earth. Now, this True Family movement is spreading like wildfire all over the world.

R. F. K. Stadium is just the site of the main ceremony. Several thousand additional ceremonies will be conducted simultaneously via satellite throughout 160 nations. The total number of couples involved will exceed 36 million worldwide as I said, of which about 30,000 representative couples will assemble at R. F. K. Stadium! This is going to be the greatest show on earth, but more important is the profound meaning of this event. May I cordially invite all of you to come to witness these historical events or, even better, come and be part of this great Blessing ceremony. VIPs are coming from all over the world, former presidents, heads of state, prime ministers, and so forth.

What would this blessing do for you? The answer is very simple, yet very important. You will be blessed with a good, long life hereon earth and eternal heavenly life thereafter. Who would object to that? Of course, no one! Furthermore, it does not change your own religion at all.

Then what is the crux of the matter of this blessing? The key is the True Parents. It comes from the power and authority of our beloved True Parents. This is the first time in human history that the name of True Parents has ever been spoken. In other words, humankind never encountered the True Parents before. Therefore, the True Parents' blessing was never available for mankind before. In that respect, we are very lucky and fortunate. Very, very lucky indeed to live in the same time as the True Parents. My wife and I were blessed in the very first blessing in 1961, as a member of 36 couples. Thirty-six years after, it has grown to 36 million. What a joy to God and to mankind that this True Family movement is virtually taking over the world.

You may say, "Wow, that is why Mrs. Kim is so excited." In order to celebrate this blessing Mrs. Kim told me she prepared special wine for us. Some might call it kosher wine, but we call it "Holy Wine." Yes! Holy Wine. After my talk, I would like to have the privilege to propose a Holy Wine toast. There is a special way to drink. It will make this party the greatest party ever. What is the Holy Wine? It is a great wine over which Reverend Moon has prayed. It has the power to bring husband and wife together and also will bring a great fortune to you.

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope by now you can all agree with me that indeed Reverend and Mrs. Moon are peacemakers and unifiers. I sincerely wish you to become the apostles of peace, as well. I'm deeply grateful that you came here and are joining with me, Mrs. Kim, and Reverend and Mrs. Moon as partners in this endeavor toward true world peace and harmony, through the True Family movement.

God bless you! Thank you very much.

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