Truth Is My Sword Volume I - Collected Speeches in the Public Arena

by Bo Hi Pak

Fire for Fire

February 19, 1985

The International Security Council (ISC) was formed by Reverend Moon in 1984 to bring together distinguished scholars and statesmen to develop strategies for the Free World in the confrontation against communism. The ISC's publication, Global Affairs, made the results of these sessions available to the general public and to policy makers. These remarks were made at the closing banquet of the International Security Council Conference at the Hotel Meurice Grand Ballroom in Paris, France, on February 19, 1985.

Ladies and gentlemen. This is a great evening to conclude the first part of the International Security Council Conference in Paris, France. First of all, let me explain the multi-vision presentation you just watched in the context of the program sponsored by CAUSA International. This particular program, the ISC, is a project of CAUSA International, but CAUSA International is engaged in many, many other important activities. The World Media Association is one. CAUSA sponsors youth programs, scholars' programs, and many others taking place simultaneously around the world, all concentrating on one common purpose-the same purpose for which this conference was convened. Our purpose is to end international communism, stop the expansion of Sovietism, and build a new moral world.

Numbers of dedicated people have committed their lives and sacred honor to realize these programs, and those of you who remain tomorrow and the next day will hear about these areas of committed combat in more depth. Like it or not, we are at war, and we must fight with all means available. The media are a most important vehicle utilized by the communists. As free people we must utilize these same weapons in order to defeat the communist ideology. We have a slogan in CAUSA International to describe it: "Fire for fire." We decided to show you this program tonight because some of you might not have the opportunity to see it tomorrow.

I would like to conclude this program with a word of congratulations to the chairmen, co-chairmen, group chairmen, and participants. All of you really have become great champions of this conference. At the dinner table Dr. Churba told me, "At last the baby was born. Its name is the International Security Council." The baby happened to be a boy. Knowing the resolution you adopted, he will be a fighter. We have done great work already, and I want to assure you that this work will go on ever deeper and in greater dimension.


I honestly confess that I did not really expect this kind of overwhelming smash hit in the first conference. I really did not expect this many participants or this kind of outstanding result. I told Gen. Summer how happy and ecstatic I was, because this conference is 10 times more successful than what I expected. Congratulations to you all for this wonderful turnout.

Antonio Betancourt came to my hotel room one night and told me he had heard only one complaint from the participants. A general came to him saying, very sternly and with all seriousness: "Antonio, are you the man who gets complaints?" "Yes, sir," Antonio said. "I have one complaint," the general said, "and it is that there is nothing to complain about at this conference!"

I thought that was pretty good, but I cannot take too much credit because in some areas the conference was rather loosely put together. Hospitality was lacking in many cases and the accommodations were not perfect. But we will make it better next year and the following year. In the meantime, many such programs will be continuing locally in New York and Washington, D.C.

I thank you for coming. It really was a great success. We intend to look into establishing an International Star Club, as Gen. Summer mentioned, which will not necessarily include only star-level officers but also people like me, a colonel, and other standing colonels as well as stars in the diplomatic field. We want universal stars in the International Star Club.

Gen. Summer thinks it is a great name. Eventually we will end up having a great clubhouse in Washington, D.C., so you can consider yourself as having a home in Washington since you are the club's founding members. I am sure we will see you again. In the meantime, our work will continue.

Let me mention the program taking place over the next couple of days. When this phase is over, we will have a plenary session for the CAUSA seminar in this room starting at nine o'clock tomorrow morning. What is the CAUSA seminar? We have been dealing here with the world's global strategic problems and trying to bring about a solution, but tomorrow and the next day we will be examining the evil nature of the communist philosophy. Those who attend will hear one of the most academic and fascinating presentations, including discussion on the development of communism, dialectic law, historical materialism, and dialectical materialism.

We present a philosophical solution to communism because we believe communism is an ideology. They have a philosophy, a plan of action. Furthermore, they dream of setting up utopia here on earth and, in attempting to do so, have deceived many billions of people into believing it is possible, with 1.5 billion people living under their wing at the moment. The cost of communism over the last 68 years has totaled 150 million human lives lost. Forty-four people die every 10 minutes and have since the Bolshevik revolution. That is the human cost of communism.

The Core Evil

We want to examine why this has happened. What is the core evil? What is the solution to combating communism? Basically there is no special way to proceed, but we must do two things. Number one, expose the lies and deceptions of communism, the false assumptions. Second, offer a counterproposal. Communism is a lie; it is like darkness, and only light can overcome darkness. The darkness of the lie of communism can be overcome only by the truth, a truth that is centered upon God.

I promise the CAUSA seminar will be a very exciting two days-a provocative, stimulating, spiritually intense, and intellectually satisfying two days. Furthermore, our method will be most up-to-date. No U.S. corporation today utilizes the presentation methods that CAUSA does, incorporating multivision. It is going to be visual. We adopted these systems from the military. I was a briefing officer many years ago, briefing in front of Gen. Lee and Gen. Choi as a lieutenant, a captain and a major. I trembled in those days.

The military really developed some important briefing methods in order to give a great deal of information in the shortest possible time. We in CAUSA utilize such a briefing method, and in two days can offer you a tremendous amount of information. Therefore, I am sure Gen. Summer has appointments, and other generals and admirals and participants have appointments. That is all right. But remember, next time, when you have another opportunity to hear a CAUSA seminar, please join us. Our program has been recognized by many professionals as the kind of essential worldview the world has been searching for.

From tomorrow on, Ambassador Phillip Sanchez will be your host and moderator. You will find out what a great host he is. In the meantime we have lined up an important program for the next two days. We will end it on the second day by noon so you get an opportunity to do some sightseeing in Paris. You deserve it.

That said, I want to extend my thanks and appreciation to Gen. Summer, Gen. Valencia-Tovar, and Dr. Churba, as well as Dr. Sicker and Dr. Van Cleave and the other group chairmen. I am deeply honored to come back home. I was in the military, so in front of you I feel at home. I have had such incredible inspiration and wonderful feeling over the last two days. You make us very, very happy and you bring a tremendous gift to CAUSA International. God bless you. Have a great evening tonight and see you tomorrow morning.

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