Truth Is My Sword Volume I - Collected Speeches in the Public Arena

by Bo Hi Pak

CAUSA International Military Association Conference

February 7-9, 1986

In the following speech, Dc Pak reveals the final triumph of Reverend Moon over those who tried to destroy him through the trumped-up tax fraud case for which he spent 13 months in prison. Prominent religious leaders and lawmakers rallied to Reverend Moon's side, especially the Reverend Jerry Falwell, founder of Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia, television evangelist, and founder of the Moral Majority, Inc., in 1979. He also won support from Sen. Orrin Hatch and many others who saw the injustice of the government's case against Reverend Moon. These are Dr. Pak's remarks at the CAUSA International Military Association (CIMA) Conference, February 7-9, 1986, Washington, D.C.
The CIMA program grew out of CAUSA International and the International Security Council's desire to outreach to the professional men and women who had served the nation in the military. It was remarkably successful because it presented not only the ideological component that exposed the false underpinnings of Marxism-Leninism, but the geopolitical dimension of international security issues.

Admiral Russell, Mrs. Russell, co-chairmen, Ambassador Han, ladies and gentlemen. I am truly honored to present this film, "Truth Is My Sword" to this most distinguished, very special audience. It is my personal honor. I thank you, Ambassador, for your kind, most enthusiastic introduction, which always embarrasses me because I do not truly deserve the kind of introduction he gave me. I always humbly accept that by thinking that he is spurring me, disciplining me to charge forward so that one day I will deserve the kind of introduction that he gave me.

Today you had a very intense intellectual and spiritual exercise. I do not want to keep you too long this evening. Therefore, I brought the magazine, Victory of Freedom, which will be the kind of subject I want to describe tonight. Please make sure you receive your copy. I would like for you to look at the pictoral sequences of what happened, after this particular film, to our movement. This film is, in a way, an old film, 7 or 8 years old. The event occurred in 1978. This is 1986. Why should we show you this old film?

It gives me an incredible realization that in the film, even though the events occurred approximately 10 years ago, the relevancy, the issues, and controversies, the agenda that involves all of us and the life of nations of the world are still there. You know, I feel in the next several years that something definitely will happen so that this film is no longer necessary to show any audience except as a museum piece.

First of all, as this book indicates, when the victory of freedom is achieved on a worldwide scale, then certainly we do not need this film. Or the other way around, if there is a victory of the totalitarian system, then we will have no room to show this film. I fear that day, but destiny is in our hands. In the next few years, this incredible destiny will be unfolded. This is why this conference is so important.

Some, I understand, have questions, saying, why do you gather us, preaching to the choir? Yes, you are the champions of freedom, most respected military leaders, national leaders, now community leaders. We are not just preaching to the choir. %e want you to be spurred into action and give your service, which is vital to make the difference for the struggle. That is the way we feel. That is why we have this conference. I am very honored that you trust us, and you came. I feel it is my duty tonight to spend the next 15 or 20 minutes to explain a little bit about the sponsorship, Unification Church, our leader Reverend Moon, and myself openly, honestly. This is, I feel, my sacred duty to you.

The reason is this: the sponsorship question has been always controversial. Therefore, when you go back, trying to talk about the wonderful content of CAUSA, people always come back at you, saying, "Don't you know that is Reverend Moon and the Unification Church?" That is the easiest way to deter your genuine desire to share the good news. Therefore, since there is so much disinformation of our common enemies, trying to discredit our movement, the same powers that are dedicated to destroying this great country of America, are dedicated to discredit us.

For that reason, I would like to spend a few moments to present to you our genuine desire about what our movement is trying to accomplish in this great country and around the world. Today I was sort of absent. In military terms, AWOL. I deserve to be court martialed. But only with the compassion of the fine ladies in the auditorium, I hope I can be forgiven. But I was not somewhere goofing off today. I was doing very important work. I went down to Lynchburg, Virginia, where Dr. Jerry Falwell has his headquarters and his university, known as Liberty University. I was invited by Dr. Falwell and spent the entire morning with him.

He drove his own van and let me sit right next to him, going around to all the campuses, churches, and his crusade and Moral Majority, showing me around, explaining for three hours. I flew back in order to meet this responsibility this evening. I am telling you this because even two years ago it was virtually impossible for a leader like Jerry Falwell, who represents mainstream Christianity, fundamental Christian faith of America, a great spiritual leader, now becoming a political leader of this great nation, to even consider inviting me down, to even consider spending five minutes with me. But he spent three hours with me.

Why is this? Because the truth is coming out. That truth is this: The Unification Church and Reverend Moon have been probably the worst victim of character assassination, and that same enemy today, Dr. Falwell testified, is trying to destroy the Moral Majority to the degree that they have to change their name into Liberty Federation; trying to malign Dr. Falwell as a racist, Ku Klux Klan, Farrakhan, John Birch Society, and so forth. He came to the realization that the common enemy which is trying to destroy Reverend Moon, the Unification Church, is now trying to destroy him. That is not all: trying to destroy America.

Dr. Falwell feels that we have got to have a common defense in order to survive and ensure, as Congressman Siljander so beautifully stated last night, to bequeath God-loving, freedom-loving America to our children, our grandchildren. That truth is coming out. This film is in a way a testimony to the spirit behind CAUSA International. The film is not a record of the person of Bo Hi Pak. But then, this is a record of one man committed or summoned as an instrument of God. When the spirit of God was moving for a cause greater than his own life, when one man is committed, a miracle can happen.

Rename the Film "A Miracle"

To me this film could be named "A Miracle." Ambassador Sanchez has his name for it; I have my name for the film. It was a miracle. The mere fact that I am standing here speaking to you is a miracle. As you can see in this film, Congressman Fraser, a powerful U.S. congressman and chairman of the committee, was determined to put me in jail. He proudly boasted that he would put me in jail for at least 5 to 10 years.

But the amazing thing-what is the miracle? I was there in the U.S. Congress, not for my own survival. I am just a good old military man. You, in a way, gave me that tradition. I was trained by the U.S. military. I was in infantry school, serving under a U.S. general. Gen. Hamilton H. House was my commanding general. I just simply did what a good old soldier would do, simply plunging into it without fearing for my own safety.

The religious way of saying it, as Christ said, is: He who tries to find his life will lose it; he who tries to give his life for my sake will find it. Whether Christian or not, it is good military practice all the time. At the Inchon landing, at Gen. MacArthur's command, many gallant soldiers practiced. The soldiers that Congressman Siljander was talking about at Grenada were practicing, without even knowing the verse probably. I did go to the battlefield, the U.S. Congress, under hostile chairmanship, not to live but to die like a soldier.

Then what happened? A miracle happened. The man who was so powerful, who had the power to bury me many times over, became a nonperson, virtually disappeared. He is not dead but he has virtually disappeared from the political scene, although at one time he was thinking about becoming a senator and even president of the United States. At that time his age was 54, very, very ambitious. But during this hearing, something happened to him. The God-centered conviction of one who is not even afraid to die for the sake of that cause, this particular testimony shattered him, his spirit, into pieces.

He thought it would become his political capital, but on the contrary it became something haunting him all the time. In the end, he was defeated in the primary. Impossible. A sixteen-year congressman, a powerful committee chairman, no way he can be defeated in the primary, but he was defeated in the primary. I just simply thank God.

Congressman Fraser Was A Defeated Man

The defeat of Congressman Fraser from the political scene was as a far leftwing, liberal congressman, but I do have excellent evidence supported by documents and testimony that he was working as an agent of influence for Moscow. Can you imagine? Yes, even though I was in civilian clothes, I was not changed one iota. I was the same old Korean soldier who fought the Korean War as a military academy cadet. I even had no rank or serial number when the Korean War broke out on June 25, 1950. I was in Tan-loon. Some of you may have visited our beautiful military academy campus. I was there as a freshman, first year, only 25 days, looking forward to four years of great education. I wanted to become a soldier and some day a general.

But then 25 days later, war came and our cadet corps was the first unit committed to stop the impossible communism. The first three days, we lost 220 dead, two-thirds. We were quickly commissioned in the field. Since then, I never knew any additional campus; I never attended the rest of the military academy. But then that spirit that made me fight this fight in the chamber of the august U.S. Congress came from the spirit of CAUSA, or spirit of Godism. You may hear a little bit about that tomorrow. The spirit of a great leader, Reverend Moon, who taught me. I was not like that at all, but a transformation came to me.

Our Unification Church has been constantly condemned for brainwashing young people. If that is the case, I am the product of that brainwashing. Tom Ward is a product of that brainwashing. Bill Lay is the product. Antonio Betancourt is the product. No, you are eyewitnesses to a group of probably the finest young men and women America can produce, those who have become members of our church. They are taught honor, dedication, service, selflessness, and commitment.

I am still very far away from perfection, but I want to serve the country with honor and, furthermore, serve humanity with honor. Save our civilization with honor. This came from this movement. CAUSA International, CIMA work, is merely one aspect of our effort. We have the International Security Council. Gen. George Keegan is a member of that council, and he testified to you, I am sure, about a recent meeting in Tel Aviv on state-sponsored terrorism. This kind of evil, trying to disintegrate this great nation of America, weakening our will to stand up for freedom, state-sponsored-not too many are ready for face-to-face confrontation. We are. We fear not.

I would like to say one thing about Reverend Moon. Reverend Moon came to America not for his own selfish purpose or goal. I would like to read his own words. This was spoken on June 26, 1984, at the Senate Constitution Committee, headed by Sen. Orrin G. Hatch. He said:

In 1971 God called me to come to America and lead a movement to revive the fervor of Christianity and restore the founding spirit of the nation. He has sent me to bring about a dramatic spiritual awakening. The survival of the entire world depends on America fulfilling her responsibility. America is the last bastion of freedom. For the last 12 years I have given my heart and soul and every drop of sweat and tears for the sake of this nation.

America Is the Final Bastion of Freedom

It is his belief and my belief and that of many members of our movement that America is the final option, the final bastion of freedom. As America goes, everything goes. Even without America going, if America just does not demonstrate determination to stand up for the freedom of the world, then the rest of the world will go. America may last a little longer, but America will eventually go. For that reason we want to defend America. But as we know already through today's presentation, the confrontation today is against this insidious communism, the confrontation of ideology. The war of ideas, war of commitment. So we really want to engender a God-centered commitment, patriotism, love for freedom. That was the basic thrust of our movement and the teaching of Reverend Moon. No wonder that international communism looks at us, and especially at Reverend Moon, as the archenemies of communism.

There was an article in Pravda some time ago. It said, "Reverend Moon, champion of anti-Sovietism." When I clipped this and translated it into English and showed it to Reverend Moon when he was in prison, he told me, "Well, Moscow finally recognized me and gave me a medal. This is a medal of honor." Our enemies are first trying to destroy our movement through the congressional hearing. This was their initial strategy. The subpoena was issued to Reverend Moon after me, almost like shooting the horse first before shooting the general. Reverend Moon is the general and I am the horse. They shot me first. By getting me, thus looking good in front of the media, he was about to summon Reverend Moon. But before he got there, he himself was shattered.

Then our enemies came through a different route. This time through the dubious tax charges. However, to make a long story short, there was no case. It was fabricated. It was a railroad job. The very person I was speaking of, Jerry Falwell, the day of Reverend Moon's release from prison-you will see this when you receive the magazine; we quote this on the first page. Reverend Jerry Falwell:

While the Unification Church may be an unpopular church today, next year it may be one of the rest of us standing here in the prison. I think the President of the United States should pardon Reverend Moon. I think he was the victim of a railroad job and I think we all in the religious community are losers because of it.

So 160 million Americans are represented by 40 different religious denominations. All joined in an amicus curiae, what is called "friend of the court," to submit a paper to the Supreme Court and violently protested that this is an infringement of religious freedom. Later on, Sen. Hatch, who is the honorable chairman of the Constitution Committee in the Senate, conducted a hearing. In opening the hearing he said,

The jailing of ministers is especially disturbing to me. Here we are putting men of the cloth, as it were, behind bars, right here in the 20th century. It is more than disturbing to me. It is alarming. This is not the Soviet Union; it is not Poland. This is not Afghanistan. This is the United States of America.

Especially Sen. Hatch was ashamed. The man who was in a North Korean communist prison, sentenced to five years for preaching the gospel, and was only liberated by Gen. MacArthur's command after the Inchon landing, who bitterly tasted the atrocity, the cruelty, of communism to the bone, came to a free country and that free country jailed him again. But the same forces in this country are working all over the world to destroy America. Systematically, one by one, they want to eliminate those who are capable of countering communism.

Especially they were so disturbed at Reverend Moon's conviction that communism must come to an end. His victory over communism teaching. No one in America today, especially in the State Department, believes that America can win over the Soviet Union. They are so fearful to touch this mad bear; leave him alone and he won't bother us. It is absolutely wrong. If you bother him, he will bother you, consistently and absolutely, and will never stop until he gets his job done, which is world conquest, sovietization of the world.

We cannot co-exist with cancer. Communism today in our world is worse than cancer. Reverend Moon believes that with the power of God and faith in God, godless communism can be defeated. This is our absolute conviction in our movement. Today I want you to know that Reverend Moon's own physical safety is threatened. Today Dr. Falwell was talking about where someone shot at him in his pulpit. He showed me that ever since the pulpit has been bullet-proof.

It is a reality. Even Dr. Falwell has to speak behind a bullet-proof pulpit. How much more so Reverend Moon, because in terms of anti-communism, in terms of victory over communism, Reverend Moon is indeed the arch-enemy. Not only the arch-enemy-he has the most systematic and ideological solution to communism. This is the reason he went to jail. Later, a Senate investigation vindicated Reverend Moon. I will just read one paragraph. Sen. Hatch proclaimed,

I do feel strongly after my subcommittee has carefully and objectively reviewed Reverend Moon's tax case from both sides that injustice rather than justice has been served. The Moon case sends a strong signal that if one's views are unpopular enough, this country will find a way not to tolerate but to convict. I do not believe that you or I or even the president of the United States, no matter how innocent, could realistically prevail against the combined forces of our justice Department and judicial branch in a case such as Reverend Moon's.

We have enclosed a detailed report, so either here or at home, please browse through it. This was truly a railroad job. I would like to quote words from our great editor-in-chief of The Washington Times. He said, "He was railroaded because he was an archenemy of communism. He was a fervent anti-communist with a solution and a worldwide voice."

Today, Reverend Moon is in Korea. He had a very happy homecoming. The Korean people truly welcomed him at a banquet and rally. I was there, and I am going back in a couple of days again. But he has no bitterness toward America. On the contrary, he said this:

I am honored to dedicate myself today to the preservation of religious freedom in this country. If I can raise up a beacon warning Americans of the danger that lies ahead, then my sacrifice will serve a great purpose. The issue today is the very survival of America and the free world. To assure their survival, I am willing to suffer any indignity, to go any distance, to do any labor, and to bear any cross. I am even willing to give my life if that will ensure that the nation of America and the world will survive and follow God's will.

Today I carry no animosity toward anyone. Instead, I pray for America. I thank God that He is using me as His instrument to lead the fight for religious freedom and to ignite the spiritual awakening of America in this most crucial hour of human history.

Mr. Chairman, I thank you for this opportunity. I would like to conclude by saying, God bless America. This is Rev. Moon's heart. He blames no one, because America is too important as God's nation. America is too important because this is the only country that poses hope for the world.

Danbury Prison

I just would like to give one very beautiful testimony that came from the prison itself. You know, there was bad press and when Rev. Moon was in prison, the inmates did not know him. When they gradually came to know him, the inmates were totally flabbergasted that the man they heard about from the media, read about in newspapers and magazines is entirely alive. Then there was bad media from Hustler magazine. You know what Hustler does. Even Hustler was trying to ridicule Reverend Moon while he was in prison.

An angry inmate wrote Hustler's editor-in-chief and said,

I am both an avid reader of Hustler and an inmate of Danbury prison. I was rather amused by the article on my fellow inmate Reverend Moon. I worked side by side with Reverend Moon in the kitchen and have seen him do all that has been asked of him, smiling without complaint. I wish I could say the same of all the other inmates here, including washing toilets, mopping floors. He never put on any airs and is just one of the guys. I had my visit on the same day as the Reverend, and see him to be a devoted husband and a loved and loving father. Maybe this country wouldn't be in the sad shape it is today if we had more men like Reverend Moon around. -- Justin Ignizio, 02517016, Federal prison, Danbury

The testimony came from all over, not only from Jerry Falwell but from inmates in the prison. He was mopping floors every day and he didn't complain. One minister came to prison and said, "Reverend Moon, we are sorry. We apologize on behalf of my government that we did this to you." Reverend Moon said, "Do not apologize. I am doing God's will. Unless I come to prison here, how can I mop the floor thinking that I am mopping the floor of America? Cleaning up America. When I feed inmates food, I think that I am feeding in the name of God the children of God."

I want you to know that this man is a rare prophet of our time. That is one fine way of describing him. I want you to know why he is doing all of this and many other ministries. That can be very vividly explained by the words of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who worries today about the state of America. He said,

What can we say about the lack of unity among the various religions if Christianity itself has become so fragmented? In recent years the major Christian churches have taken steps toward reconciliation, but these measures are far too slow. The world is perishing 100 times more quickly. No one expects churches to merge or to revise all their doctrines, but only to present a common front against atheism. Yet even for such a purpose the steps taken are much too slow.

This is the very spirit of CAUSA. We have held this CAUSA seminar for many thousands of ministers. We never asked them to amend their theology; we never even discussed their theology. We are not interested in changing anyone's religion. We are interested in presenting a common front against atheism. Then Gen. Douglas MacArthur said, "The history of failure in war can be summed up in two words: too late. Too late in comprehending the deadly purpose of a potential enemy. Too late in preparedness. Too late in uniting all possible forces for resistance. Too late in standing up with one's friends."

This is what we worry about. We still have time, but not too much. For that reason, my dear generals and admirals and colonels and all the leaders of this nation, I want you to know that I am pledging on behalf of all the members of the Unification Church around the world, which is by the millions, to give every ounce of sweat, labor, tears, and even blood for the sake of the preservation of our freedom under God in America. And by doing so, around the world. This is the mission we feel so deeply in our hearts. That is why we are doing this. This is one expression of that commitment.

Thank you for listening. This is the only opportunity in the CAUSA seminar to talk about the Unification Church and Reverend Moon openly. We feel it is our duty to you to tell this to you so that you have a better understanding of the sponsorship and Reverend Moon. It is such a great pleasure and honor to have this opportunity. I guess my 19 minutes and 45 seconds is up. Thank you very much. Good night.

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