Truth Is My Sword Volume I - Collected Speeches in the Public Arena

by Bo Hi Pak

CAUSA and the Defeat of Communism

March 16, 1981

Founded in 1980, CAUSA International expanded into Latin America the work that Reverend Moon initiated with the Freedom Leadership Foundation (FLF) and the International Federation for Victory Over Communism (IFVOC) in the United States and Asia. Reverend Moon knew that communism was driven by an ideology and that the key to defeating it was to use the power of ideology against it. In the following speech, Dr. Pak succinctly explains Reverend Moon's approach to Victory Over Communism. These were the opening remarks made at the inauguration of the CAUSA seminar at the Victoria Plaza hotel in Montevideo, Uruguay, on March 16, 1981.

Lieutenant General Luis Queirolo, Mrs. Queirolo, Minister Tourreilles, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. I am deeply honored to address this most distinguished audience. Prominent leaders from every field responded to my invitation and are gathered tonight in this beautiful room to witness the inauguration of the Unification seminar sponsored by CAUSA International.

Mrs. Pak and I and the members of the CAUSA team are greatly honored by the extraordinary hospitality and reception we have received in your great country-from the top levels of government to the people in the street.

I was accorded the honor of meeting His Excellency Dr. Aparicio Mendez, the president of Uruguay, who has kindly invited my family, including my children, to come again to this great country and discover the beauty of the land and its people.

I then had the opportunity to experience an extraordinary interview with General Queirolo, commander-in-chief of the army, for whom and for whose family I have developed respect, love, and admiration. I also want to express my heartfelt gratitude and indebtedness to Col. Larroque and his DINARP staff for the courtesies and hospitality they have shown.

The last time I came to Uruguay, Commander De La Nave of DINARP greeted me at the airport, and he told me sincerely that his country does not have much to offer the tourist in terms of natural grandeur. He said, "We don't have a Niagara Falls or a Disney World. However, we have one important asset to offer: people of good heart. The country of Uruguay is even shaped like a heart. That I can offer you, people of good heart."

Commander De La Nave's words proved to be true because I have found people of good heart in this country. Yet I also found Commander De La Nave was too modest, since his country has been richly blessed with the grandiose beauty of nature. I have never seen any nation's capital etched so beautifully alongside a gorgeous beach. As for Punta del Este, "I call it heaven under the sun."

To Fight Without Compromise

All in all I must admit that we have come to love Uruguay so much that my wife and I have only one problem: If we keep coming here again and again, we will not want to go home. Coming to Uruguay has had a sobering effect on us. It has made us even more determined to fight without compromise and without retreat against the evil of communism. We have just seen the film "Attack on the Americas," which awakened us to a living tragedy in our hemisphere. We are determined not to let this nation and the great people of Uruguay become another victim of the sinister practices of Marxism-Leninism.

Recently, U.S. President Ronald Reagan was interviewed on television by the well-known American commentator Walter Cronkite. In that interview Mr. Cronkite asked, "President Reagan, why do you take such a hard line against Russia? Why do you allege that the Soviet leadership is composed of liars and thieves?"

President Reagan replied: "We are naive if we do not recognize that for communists in the process of attaining their goal, nothing is immoral if it furthers the cause of world revolution. This means that they can lie, steal, cheat, even murder-so long as it furthers their cause."

How true President Reagan's statement is. I thank God that for the first time in the history of the United States, we have a president who understands the nature and tactics of communism.

Not only for President Reagan but for all of us, I believe, the communist goal of world conquest is unequivocally clear. Suffice it to say it was Lenin himself who adopted the slogan "the end justifies the means." Communists will do anything to achieve their goal. To them such action is by definition not immoral.

The problem today is that the communists keep marching forward. Since 1975 they have added to their empire South Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Angola, Mozambique, Ethiopia, South Yemen, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, and Grenada. They are expanding all over the world. This monstrous power is creeping in everywhere, and no country, not even the United States, is immune to the threat.

Frankly, I do not feel I have to explain all this to you, because here in Uruguay you have tasted of communism. Your nation was virtually crippled by the Tupamaros and their surrogates. Only the courageous Uruguayan people, working together with the patriotic armed forces, managed to save this country. However, the danger has not been totally eliminated. We must remember that communism is international in character and that its goal is not simply to conquer one nation but the entire world. Implicit in that is the conquest of Uruguay. The communists never go far away. If Uruguay is not ready, then they choose some other place. But they most definitely return, and the next time with better tactics and strategy.

Between Life and Death

I personally became aware of the ruthless tactics of communism during the Korean War. As you know, in 1950 North Korean communists launched a surprise attack on South Korea. In their pillage of the South, they killed millions of people and forced millions of others to go to the North to work in forced labor camps. Many times during that terrible war, I found myself hanging between life and death, between freedom and bondage. I sincerely believe that it was only through the miraculous power of God that 1 was saved.

When I witnessed the bitter wounds that communism had inflicted on my country and people, I pledged my life to winning the victory over communism. Communism is not, however, only my enemy. It is your enemy. It is the enemy of all mankind. It is, above all, the enemy of God Himself because it is militantly atheistic.

Communism is not a national problem but a world problem. Therefore, when Korea wins in the struggle against communism but, say, Uruguay loses, then Korea still loses, and vice versa. All men and nations must triumph together over communism. We need to cooperate with each other. International communism must be dealt with through an international movement.

For this reason I am most interested in your country and it is why CAUSA International has come here: Our purpose is to help promote international solidarity and commitment to each other in this most historic struggle, which challenges all men of conscience. I have also come here to share with you the good news that we are destined to triumph.

Fighting against communism, as I said, is our destiny and the destiny of all free men. We must fight communism on every level with a total commitment, and I mean literally on every level, including the political, economic, social, and military spheres. However, the most important thing to realize is that the war against communism is fundamentally a war of the mind. No man or woman will be any good in this war unless he or she is equipped with a burning conviction, purpose, and will to defeat communism.

Communism is an evil ideology. It is designed to convince you and conquer your mind. It offers the individual a moral justification for revenge, and is so thorough and appealing that many free nations, including my homeland of Korea, forbid the objective study of Marxism because of its contagious power. Although Marxism is an archaic ideology based on lies and deception and 19th-century superstition, it has cleverly and cunningly deceived 20th-century man and given him a justification for barbarism based on pseudo-science and pseudo-logic.

Ideology as a Weapon

In order to defeat communism, we must combat it with its own weapon: ideology. We need an ideology that is stronger than communism, one that totally exposes its lies and deception and brings a true and ultimate solution to man's problems. Up to this point the free world has lacked such an ideology. At best, we have become anti-communist. However, being anticommunist is not a permanent or ultimate solution to communism. To win the final victory, we must launch an ideological offensive.

In actual fact we must concede that we have no effective weapons with which to fight communism. Some people might say that we have democracy, but democracy is not an ideology. Others would say that we have freedom, but freedom is not an ideology either. Freedom is a product of the practice of true ideology. Still others would point out that we have Christianity. Yes, we do have a Christian ideology. Yet Christianity has failed to ignite a unified front and a fighting fervor against communism, and communism continues to invade Christian nations.

The free world most urgently needs a positive new ideology. Armed with this new ideology we will not only be safe from insidious communist brainwashing, but we will have the conviction and confidence we need to defeat communism and bring liberation to its people.

Dear friends, that is what Unificationism is all about. Unificationism is a new ideology, and when we use it as a weapon we are not only safe from communist sophism but we can defeat all types of totalitarianism. Why Unificationism? Because only a totally united, integrated effort can defeat the force of communism. In this fight, united we stand, divided we fall. Permit me please to tell you something about the basis of Unificationism.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the author and pioneer of Unificationism and the founder of CAUSA International, was born in 1920 in what is now North Korea. From his early childhood, Reverend Moon was said to be extremely sensitive to injustice. When in 1945 an oppressive Marxist regime was established in the northern half of his nation, Reverend Moon voluntarily left the democratic South to go preach in the North, even though the North Korean communists avidly promoted atheism. Reverend Moon dared to speak about God, making a desperate appeal for Christian unity.

Reverend Moon was branded as an "enemy of the communist revolution." On several occasions he was tortured, and finally he was sentenced to three grueling years in a communist death camp. Miraculously he survived.

Reverend Moon was liberated in 1950 by the United Nations forces and he made his way back to South Korea. In South Korea everyone was adamantly opposed to communism because of the atrocities the North Korean communists had committed during the war. Despite this, Reverend Moon foresaw that the living agony caused by the North Korean invasion of 1950 might become little more than a myth for the young people of the 1970s and 1980s who had not experienced it. Simple, blind, emotional anti-communism would bring no lasting solution.

God-Centered Response

For that reason, Reverend Moon came to the prayerful realization that he had been commissioned not merely to expose the atrocities effected by communism but to destroy the ideology of Marxism itself, and that is what he has done. Moreover, God guided him to develop the God-centered response to communism that we know today as Unificationism.

Let me give you one example of the power of this ideology. Did you know that in Japan, the communist party refuses to debate our members on television? We have challenged them over one hundred times but they always avoid us. What is the reason for this? The communists know that Unificationism has the power to expose the lies of Marxism. We have done it again and again. In Japan the communists have already lost the battle of the mind, and we can do the same everywhere. We believe that now is the time to establish such an ideological front in the Americas.

CAUSA International is the movement working to promote the Unification ideology in the Western hemisphere so that we can completely triumph over communism in North, South and Central America.

In the next few days you will have an opportunity to understand something of what we mean. You will not only participate in our seminar but you will also be asked to be a part of our effort to crystallize this ideology, to make it a more effective weapon, because we are still in the pioneering stage. This work is essential and it has hopeful implications for us all-our families, our nations and our world.

Dear friends, in the Victory Over Communism effort I would like Uruguay to be a model for the rest of the world. This country was the first in South America to be attacked by the communists and the first to overcome that danger. It is most logical, therefore, that the CAUSA movement come first to Uruguay. Now your brave countrymen will be armed with Unificationism, and you can show the rest of the world how to defeat communism on the battlefield of ideology. It is my personal belief and conviction that when the courageous young people of this country arm themselves with Unificationism, they will become world leaders in the fight against tyranny and oppression.

The future leadership of our world will not be determined by a country's size, number of people, or economic power. Leadership will be determined by the truth, conviction, and commitment one has to serve God, country, and the world.

I believe that Unificationism can produce such dynamic, committed leaders from your country-men and women who will help the world to be free from communist imperialism and to build a truly lasting society where all men can enjoy dignity and freedom.

Once again, thank you for coming tonight. May God bless the great nation of Uruguay.

Thank you. Muchas gracias.

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