Truth Is My Sword Volume I - Collected Speeches in the Public Arena

by Bo Hi Pak

Our Sacred Honor

March 1985

Dr. Pak gave the following remarks at the closing banquet of the CAUSA Ministerial Alliance (CMA) conference in Chicago in March 1985.

Thank you, Ambassador Sanchez. When he was speaking like that, I was wondering whom he was talking about. I really did not deserve his kind words. I would like, however, to invite you to join with me in giving our warmest applause to our great President, Ambassador Phillip Sanchez. Please stand up.

You think you are inspired. But I tell you, you inspired me. I was so totally inspired listening to your testimonies, my blood began to boil. And I just couldn't stand still. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You could not give any better gift than the words and commitment that you have spoken.

On my way up here, my good friend, Leo Champion, invited me to his church. He said, "You come to my church, I will anoint you as a Reverend." I am very glad I passed his theological test. But I truly love you, each one of you, my dear brothers and sisters. This is one great human family here. One family of God. Under one common parent. Now we have found our one common cause. Common purpose, common life, common commitment to live.

You know one day I went to South America, Argentina, where the CAUSA movement began and I visited a military academy. In their museum they displayed all kinds of terrorist weapons that Tupamaro guerrillas had used during the days of greatest upheaval in South America. The Tupamaros truly were trying to turn the country over to Marxism by violent means. Many people were killed and sacrificed. There were rifles, machine guns, hand grenades, dynamite, and broken cars. All kinds.

Then an officer invited me to a small room and showed me a small bottle. It contained a large pill. And I asked, "Is it a vitamin for the terrorists?" "No," he said. "These are cyanide pills." Those communist guerrillas, terrorists, always carry several pills of cyanide. When the final moment comes to them to be captured, arrested, they usually pull out the cyanide pill and kill themselves, so they will not reveal any secret information about their own comrades.

Communism Is a False Hope

When I heard that explanation, I saw the commitment of these people to their false idea, false hope. They are ready to be martyred for their cause. But after being martyred, there is nothing, because in Communism there is no heaven, no eternal life, no spirit, no God. Still they are inspired to give their life for the cause in which they believed. This is the source of the power of Communism. It stems out of ideology, a system of thought. But now in these three days we learn that their system of thought is based on a false assumption, the false assumption that there is no God. Therefore, everything above it, the superstructure, is false. Because the foundation is wrong. Nothing can be right. This is Communism.

Today, our job is to commit. Commitment is the name of the game. We have God. We have freedom. We have a great country, a great world. Above all, we have eternal life. We have Heavenly Father. Really, if we godly people cannot commit ourselves to the degree that the Communists commit to their own cause, we might as well pack up, resign from being free men. We cannot say we are God-loving people. The name of the game is commitment.

The thing that inspired me today is that I see that commitment in a different way, a different expression, coming out of you. I am not speaking to ordinary people. You are extraordinary people. Great people, leaders, particularly the God-centered leadership of America. Christian leaders, ministers. Behind you there are millions of people. There are evangelists who can move millions of people overnight. You are that kind of people. I am speaking to that kind of people. And from your mouths, commitment is coming. This, to me, is the hope for America and the hope for the world.

I want to say a few things that I did not say anywhere else in the conference. To this particular audience I want to leave a thought. That is, why the Unification Church? Why Rev. Moon? You may be thinking, I wish somebody else was doing it; then I would feel better. My answer is this. The Unification Church is small, new, terribly persecuted. Even the leader is in jail right now. God has a purpose for using this most persecuted, misunderstood church to lead this critical crusade. By doing so, the glory of God is manifest many times over. This is my answer.

We Are Doing the Will of God

This is not the Unification Church's doing. This is not Bo Hi Pak's doing. This is not the conference chairman's doing. This assembly is God's doing.

If the Catholic Church were doing this crusade, everybody thinks the Catholic Church has power and money and can do it. If the Baptist Church is doing it, well, the Baptist Church has lots of money and manpower. They ought to do it. If the Presbyterian Church is doing it, well, it is a mainline church and they have money and manpower, they can do it. The glory goes to men, the glory goes to the organization.

Perhaps you think the Unification Church has money. No. We are starving. In many cases we are fasting, seven days. We are committed. We are committed unto our lives to do this task. It is a crusade. But nobody thinks that the Unification Church can do this kind of thing. This is the work of God. To me, this is a revelation that God wants us to unite, from the extreme to the extreme. From highest to the lowest. From the oldest to the newest.

Therefore, I feel it is so meaningful that we are in this humble position to play this role. I thank God. Rev. Moon is a yellow man. My face is yellow. What happens when a man like Rev. Moon comes to America to this kind of movement? I think God has a very scientific reasoning. There is a bridge to be burned between white and black. Yellow is in between. We can reach out to black brothers and to white brothers. Then we can truly make a beautiful rainbow, and in a true sense this is a rainbow coalition.

I said also that God is color-blind. God does not see color. He only sees the one children of God. This is why everything comes under God's providence. But I say to you today, we have hope.

You signed today the Proclamation. The Proclamation ends like this, "In the name of God we commit our lives and our sacred honor to the accomplishment of this noble imperative." This is nothing new. This is American tradition. These words come from the Declaration of Independence.

Your forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence ending, "in the name of God, we commit our lives and our sacred honor" and they had more. We omitted that language here. We omitted the language that your forefathers used: "our lives, our sacred honor, and commit our fortune to accomplish this noble imperative."

So this is nothing new. This is an American tradition. Really, I see the greatest commitment in the history of man can be found in the great document of the Declaration of Independence of America. They were facing life or death. They were facing treason. They were facing being hung if their cause failed. If they commit their lives, this is American tradition. Because of this commitment, I do feel this great America came into being.

America and the 21st Century

So today, we are looking forward to a new America. We are looking forward to the 21st century. We are looking forward to the year 2000. I think we are living in an historical time. Please, as our dear brother, David, so beautifully inspired you, let us go out and multiply. Let us make our power spread all over America. We shout to our ministers and lead our congregations to the same Proclamation, so we become millions to march.

As you may have read in the final paragraph of the CAUSA Manifesto, "CAUSA does not hide its goals and aims. We seek the end of Communism. We also seek to end the moral and spiritual corruption and exploitation of the free world. We proudly proclaim our goal is to liberate Moscow. Let the Communists tremble before the march of Godism. They have nothing to lose but their chains." Do you remember? These are exactly the words of the Communist Manifesto. We are trying to use the same Communist words against them. We are telling them the march of Communism is over. Now we talk about the march of Godism. And they, Communists, have nothing to lose but their chains. With God, we have a world to win. Believers of the world, unite.

This is the mandate ahead of us. I thank you once again from the bottom of my heart. I hope I can see you again. In the meantime, I know this work of CAUSA, this march, will go on throughout this land. Now we are moving to Atlanta, and then we'll go on to cities such as Los Angeles, Houston, Philadelphia, Atlanta again, Utah, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Denver, and New York. And this is only a partial list. We will go on. We will go on to reach 7,000 ministers to come to this seminar. Millions of dollars are invested. But this money does not come easily. It comes from our blood, our sweat. But we are very, very happy to give that money in for the sake of America. Because we cannot invest this money any better way than to give this to the CAUSA seminar. This is how we feel. I hope soon millions of Americans, hundreds of thousands of churches will join in this march toward Moscow. This is the hope. This is the hope of America and the hope of the free world.

I am very honored to be standing here and to have this opportunity for us to inspire each other. I end my greeting by saying, my dear brothers and sisters, champions of freedom, all God-loving Americans, may God bless you. Thank you very much.

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