Truth Is My Sword Volume I - Collected Speeches in the Public Arena

by Bo Hi Pak

Introduction by Ambassador Jose Maria Chaves

Ambassador Jose Maria Chaves is chairman of the International Advisory Board of the Summit Council for World Peace and President of the Association for the Unity of Latin America, HULA. Ambassador Chaves serves in the United Nations.

During the winter months when days are short and night casts early shadows, the sun radiates brilliant splashes of bright colors over large portions of the sky, bathing the whole landscape in luminous light. In like manner this collection of one man's speeches spreads rays of light over a formidable range of activities, numberless projects, and a wealth of accomplishments of Dr. Bo Hi Pak.

Testimony of his involvement in such a wide variety of fields and his major role as a trendsetter, however, does not tell the whole story or reveal the daunting obstacles and difficulties that were overcome. The lengthy account of such remarkable achievements leaves the observer with the impression that each one of them was great enough, difficult enough, and worthy enough to merit the dedication of many lives. We are left wondering if all this was not the work of multiple individuals rather than the result of a single person's will, devotion, and tireless effort. We are invited to gaze with admiration upon the incomparable tasks undertaken and skillfully brought to fruitful completion, guided by an unshakable foundation of faith providing the fierce determination to crown the work with glory.

The reason I am glad to present this volume is that at some points I was a witness to the amazing journey and was a minor participant in some aspects of the process. As a record of a life, the book does not deal with countless other projects and challenges faced by the author. While we may be a little disappointed by the partial and incomplete nature of the material, nevertheless we are given a very clear idea of the awesome caliber, scope, and variety of this outstanding human life. We see a life totally absorbed in an incredible capacity for action, driven by a selfless fidelity to ideals and principles. No goal was impossible to attain when backed by a singular religious faith. A passionately held creed also led to a tremendous capacity for work and bold leadership.

The book also becomes a simple chronicle of a life bound by absolute surrender to a commitment that encompassed the individual and permeated every facet of daily existence as well as all dreams, all thoughts, all aspirations, and all ambitions. This man is propelled by a powerful force that assures the fulfillment of his objective. The zeal to serve never wavers and finds recompense in the realization of each project and goal. Only religion on the highest plane can be the source for such dedication.

The poet Goethe explained the marvels of creation by noting that they represent the very words of God brought to life. It is in faith that we behold the universe as the work of God speaking to us. This kind of elementary faith is the motivating power behind the personal endeavors listed in this volume. If it is true that many of the activities outlined in this book relate to the anti-communist campaign being waged at that time, it must be remembered that communism was considered objectionable primarily due to its atheistic character purporting to eliminate religion as the "opiate of the people." This book stands proudly as a monument in the struggle against communism in the world. The disintegration of the Soviet Empire was caused by many factors, but undeniably, the meetings between Mikhail Gorbachev and the Reverend Moon, including the international conferences under the auspices of the Unification Church, contributed substantially to the final outcome.

The Reverend Sun Myung Moon is one of the unique religious leaders today. His thinking and model gave direction and inspiration to the life and work of Bo Hi Pak. Ample evidence of this crops up again and again in the speeches that in effect mirror the ideas and scope of Reverend Moon's influence. Dr. Pak is without question a faithful follower, a loyal disciple, and truly an apostle of the Unification Church. In all this varied and complex area, Dr. Bo Hi Pak served as the principal, steadfast agent and often even the executor in charge. 

So many of Bo Hi Pak's speeches pay tribute to the fundamental values of freedom, democracy, and the cause of representative government. This is the underlying reason for the building of many new institutions such as the Association for the Unity of Latin America (AULA), which has promoted unity under the banner of freedom and democracy. Membership is made up of former heads of state of Latin American countries, selected because they became presidents in democratic popular elections. This can be said as well of the Summit Council for World Peace, which directs attention more to problems of peace such as the unification of Korea. All of the meetings sponsored by these organizations featured democratic ideals, and discussions revolved predominantly on this very topic in one form or another.

The captivating personality of Bo Hi Pak is such that it cannot be overlooked. Yet he is an extremely modest and humble person, always ready to give credit and yield place to others. The founder of many projects fades away easily once they are established. He has adhered to this pattern in regard to the newspapers that he published and launched successfully. Once the goal was reached, Dr. Pak himself moved on to new challenges. At present he devotes his time and efforts to operations in the Far East, and Tokyo has become his official base. His vast experience and knowledge enhance his personal magnetism and commanding presence. Yet he is the very soul of courtesy and restraint and is never the cause of friction. He is a consummate diplomat and negotiator whose word is trusted and respected everywhere.

Two institutions of special note started by Dr. Pak reveal his multifaceted interests. The first is the Little Angels School in Korea, training girls in dance and music together with the academic curriculum. The Little Angels School has given performances at the White House and Buckingham Palace and has been enthusiastically applauded all over the world. A second project in the arts is the Universal Ballet Company in Seoul, Korea, and the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, D.C., featuring a felicitous blend of the finest classic ballet with an air of Korean and Western dance as well. These ballet schools have carved a place of genuine distinction in the arts. These schools are now run by their own Boards of Directors and are housed in their own buildings.

Dr. Pak served in the military in his native country, Korea, and expresses fervent patriotism in his speeches. Duty called him away from home for long periods, but he is known as a family man devoted to his wife and children. He exerts a strong influence within the Unification Church and among the hundreds of people who have met him.

According to Protagoras, "man is the measure of all things." When we examine the extraordinary output Dr. Pak's life, we must conclude that the measure of this man knows no boundaries. In the Homeric age, fires were lit on top of mountains to announce news of a victory. This book is a fire on top of a gigantic life, telling the world of the triumph of his unique faith.

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