Truth Is My Sword Volume I - Collected Speeches in the Public Arena

by Bo Hi Pak

Introduction by Ambassador Phillip Victor Sanchez

Ambassador Sanchez was the U.S. ambassador to Honduras (1973-76) and Colombia (1976-79); he has been the publisher of Noticias del Mundo newspaper since 1987.

A famous monument in Sacramento, the capital of California, bears the slogan "Bring me men to match my mountains." That great state has produced great men, and the other states of the American Union have done likewise. In fact, history has rewarded this nation with a wealth of human talent: Nobel laureates, military heroes, humanitarians, statesmen, philanthropists, inventors, scientists, and civic and political leaders. But here and there in our firmament have appeared stars that are not native to our soil who have shone in much the same way as our own native-born greats. I came to know such a man. His name is Bo Hi Pak.

Dr. Pak was born in Korea and first came to the United States as a young man while serving with honor and distinction in the armed forces of what is now the Republic of Korea. Bo Hi Pak became a seasoned soldier, and he learned very well the lessons and disciplines of war, but a career on the world's fields of battle was not his final destiny. He put away his sword and changed his life when he met his spiritual leader, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

In Rev. Moon's worldwide movement, Dr. Pak found a more formidable challenge, a new cause, and a battlefield worthy of his enormous talents. War had been declared on the forces of Satan, and Bo Hi Pak heard the call and he took up his arms. His weapons were, and are: a spirit totally committed to God and to his beautiful wife and handsome children; an unswerving devotion to his spiritual mentor, Rev. Moon; a love of Korea; and a concomitant devotion to the United States. Dr. Pak became celebrated for his unparalleled talent for inspiring people (and organizing their work) and for a legendary ability as a public speaker. It is because of my abiding respect for his abilities that I am honored to be called upon to offer this introduction.

I have had the daunting challenge (and privilege) of sharing the speaking platform with Dr. Bo Hi Pak before thousands of political, religious, and civic leaders at dozens of conferences and conventions in most of the SO states and in virtually all the continents of the globe. I never considered myself his equal as a speaker. I was honored enough to consider myself his partner.

Bo Hi Pak's resonant voice and his appealing public-address techniques are legend. They figure prominently among the many gifts God bestowed upon him. His speeches, which have been produced and reproduced in several languages throughout the world, have galvanized audiences into action. They have inspired laughter as well as tears. It is time for them to be permanently preserved in a book. The speeches are Dr. Pak's, but they belong to the world.

Ramon de Campoamor, immortal Hispanic man of letters, once wrote: "In this treacherous world nothing's all false or all true; it's all in the shades of the glasses; the glasses though which you view." No shade of glasses, however jaded or jaundiced, can ever change one basic fact: Bo Hi Pak is truly "a man to match all mountains." It is well, then, that his speeches be compiled and published. It is time.

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