Truth Is My Sword Volume I - Collected Speeches in the Public Arena

by Bo Hi Pak

The Southern Cone Welcomes CAUSA

December 3, 1982

In the following speech, Dr. Pak boldly proclaims that God is the center of the CAUSA ideology that will defeat communism and provide the blueprint for solving all mankind's problems. These remarks were made in introducing the first CAUSA International conference in Montevideo, Uruguay, on December 3, 1982. The conference brought together leaders from many nations in South America. The 1980s were turbulent years when the governments faced vicious leftist extremists. Kidnapping, bombings, and terrorism were common expressions of Marxist-Leninist followers. CAUSA brought to these countries the voice of reason. It brought clarity as the seminars dispelled one-by-one the erroneous and fallacious theory of communism. But most importantly, CAUSA brought a counterproposal, Unificationism, neither left nor right, but a positive God-centered worldview.

I sincerely welcome every one of you to this CAUSA seminar in the Southern Cone. I am so deeply inspired and overwhelmed by this most enthusiastic gathering of distinguished leaders from 10 different countries.

More than 160 people from every field have assembled in this auditorium for our seminar, and I guarantee that you will have a most wonderful and rewarding four days with us. I know it will be perhaps the best investment of your life.

As individuals, families, and nations, we have many problems. Every country and society has problems, and to such a degree that sometimes we feel they are beyond the reach of human remedy. We witness various efforts on different levels of society to solve our problems. Many civic groups, foundations, and enterprises are endeavoring to find solutions, and governments are desperately seeking answers. President Reagan is traveling to South America at this time to offer help in solving the problems of North and South America. The United Nations is another system attempting to solve the world's problems.

The CAUSA organization is also working to bring a solution, although CAUSA's approach is somewhat different. We believe the solution to the problem must come at the root.

Cause and Effect

Basically there are two ways to solve problems. One way involves our seeking answers on a human level by employing our efforts, systems, and know-how. That is one approach, and it generally comprises the governmental and civic efforts. We try to solve our problems with human determination, with our know-how, and with the resources we possess.

But in CAUSA we feel that human efforts are not enough. That alone will not bring about the fundamental cure or solution to our problems. Why? Human beings are resultant beings. We are not the cause. We are the result of a cause. We are not here at our own will. Thus, in trying to solve problems without knowing their real cause, we end up treating the symptoms, not the root cause, and we are not getting to the bottom of things.

Look at this hotel, the Victoria Plaza, and suppose you were the manager. No matter how much you tried to do a good job, your efforts would not bear good fruit until you clearly understood the owner's desire and purpose. Why did the owner buy this hotel? What kind of hotel does he want to establish? Let us call the owner's motivation and desire the cause of the hotel. Unless you know the cause, how can you know how to manage it?

Then the question arises: Who is the owner of the universe? Who is the true owner of mankind? CAUSA and Unificationism recognize that the first cause of this universe is God, the Creator. Unificationism teaches that talking about solving the world's problems is of little consequence until we know the will of the Creator. His true purpose for creating must be acknowledged. Only then will we be able to bring forth the fundamental solution. That is the second way-the CAUSA way. Our approach is to devise a total solution and, in order to do so, there must be three components: God, man, and the universe. With all these things considered and involved, we will understand the solution, which lies at the root.

On the other side, opposing Unificationism, there is an extreme ideology doing exactly the opposite. It does not recognize the first cause, and its adherents talk of taking matters into their own hands. This ideology is communism. Communism, first of all, denies God and recognizes matter as the essence of the universe. Communists believe in violence instead of reason.

Human beings have always struggled to understand who they are and where they come from. In seeking these answers two views have emerged. One view is that mankind originated with a Creator, God, and that the entire universe is God's creation. Based on this belief, religions came about, and the values, ethics, and spiritual heritage of our world developed.

The fundamentally different view of communism is that no God exists and that the universe was not created. According to this view, matter alone has always existed and is the essence of the universe. Human life becomes nothing more than a phenomenon associated with matter, and human beings therefore must create their own meaning and purpose, as well as their own solutions to life's problems.

These two views of life exist in uncompromising opposition. One way of thinking affirms that there is an absolute being and, therefore, absolute values. The opposing way of thinking holds that there is no absolute being and that values are relative. One way affirms that happiness is achieved by the development of the internal nature of man according to moral and ethical principles. The other way indicates that happiness is achieved by the development of one's external aspects and the pursuit of sensual satisfaction.

God or No God

Today the struggle between communism and the free world is basically a struggle of ideas-a struggle of philosophy and ideology. It really boils down to the God-or-no-God battle.

If God does not exist, then communism may well be correct. Once God is removed from human thinking, communism does indeed offer the most comprehensive explanation of human life. If God truly exists, however, communism must be wrong. Two contradictory beliefs cannot both be true, and there must be a showdown. Which will win, communism or the free world? Neither. Truth will win. Between the ideas of God or no God, one of them must be a lie!

Suppose that you and I believe there is a God. Our problem is this: How certain are we of our belief? If there is some way that we can make God's existence indisputable in our world, even in the face of communism, then we have already defeated communism. It will have no more room to stand. When you turn on the light in a dark room, the very darkness itself instantly disappears.

Where is the light to conquer this darkness? As long as you believe in something, there will always be something to disbelieve. Belief denotes the choice of disbelief. One person says he believes in God and another says he does not, and what can you do about it? On the other hand, one person says there is a sun, and no one can dispute his statement because the existence of the sun is not a matter of belief but a matter of fact. You can see it, you can feel it to the bone. Not only can you not dispute it, one does not believe there is a sun, one knows it as a matter of fact. The existence of the sun is a truth-an indisputable truth.

If a philosophy or ideology exists that can explain God's existence so that no one can dispute it, then we can actually solve the root problem of mankind. Once God becomes the subject of knowing rather than believing, we will not only solve the problem of communism but the confusion in the world as well.

Crucial Questions

In the 20th century, now more than ever, the crucial matter is the ontological problem of God's existence. Does God really exist? Why did God create the universe when He does not have to do anything? What was His purpose for creating? By what method did He create all things? If God is of utmost goodness, why does the survival-of-the-fittest phenomenon prevail in His creation? We are taught that the world became sinful because of the fall of mankind, but how did the creation of a perfect God become susceptible to falling?

These few examples of the numerous questions that are raised require reasonable and consistent answers, or else today's intellectuals will not willingly accept God as a reality. The philosophy or ideology of Unificationism precisely deals with the ontological problem of God's existence.

In this Unificationism seminar we will deal with all of these fundamental questions. The goal of Unificationism is to elevate human understanding of God from the subject of believing to the subject of knowing. If after this seminar you can say that God exists and has a purpose of creation, then there is nothing more for us to accomplish. From this recognition of the absolute being, you will come to an awareness of absolute value, and from that awareness, you will know how best to proceed with your life.

Once a man's heart changes, everything changes. However, even the power of the atomic bomb cannot change a man's heart. A heart can be changed only by truth and love. It is a quiet revolution but a fundamental and most powerful revolution. Communism is also trying to bring about a revolution, but without success. Despite 65 years of effort, the communist experiment remains a bitter failure. A new system run by the same corrupt old man will not work. Reasonable change in society must come from the ground floor up-from the basic, individual person. Unificationism is offering just such a solution.

I must confess, however, that it is not easy to speak about God in front of such distinguished intellectuals. Indeed, it takes extraordinary courage to discuss God seriously outside of the pulpit. God is imprisoned in the church, and He is liberated for only one hour on Sunday. In the intellectual climate of today, it is unfashionable to speak of God.

While the Renaissance and the scientific revolution did bring great benefit to mankind, science and technological advances have taken the place of God for some people. Certain intellectuals began to feel that they had been liberated from the inhibitions of religious belief because of the usefulness and power of science and reason. These people leaned more and more toward believing in a materialistic interpretation of human problems and goals, and we have arrived at a point where God is being excluded from consideration when dealing with the world's problems.

Communists profess to believe in the omnipotence of science. They teach that the advancement of science and modern technology will relegate God and Christ to mythology. That is the 18th- and 19th-century view of science. However, with the development of quantum physics and molecular biology at the beginning of the 20th century, an absolutely unexpected phenomena occurred: Science became more an ally of God than an adversary. Modern scientific research points to the fact that there must be a first cause of our universe. The communist idea that matter is the essence of the universe is the very theory that science has relegated to superstition.

During the next few days, you will hear the word God mentioned frequently. We speak of God not from weakness but from strength. When we speak of God, we do so not out of ritual but out of clear reason and 20th century logic, and with integrity and heart. Furthermore, when we speak of God, we are not referring to any one religious denomination. We speak of God as philosophy and as a way of life. We affirm that the God of Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, and the Unification Church is one and the same. Our purpose then is not to enter into theological debate but instead to recognize the unifying factors in religion that can lead us to a common praxis in our relations with fellow human beings.

CAUSA and Unificationism want to unite God-accepting forces, transcendent of denomination and religion, and make one giant, cooperative effort to fight against the ungodly ideology of communism, while working toward the establishment of a moral world.

Communism -- Our Worst Problem

Indeed, the problem of communism is the worst among the many problems we face in our world today. We at CAUSA do not believe in co-existence with communism because its unbending goal is world conquest. Communism lives like a cancer in your body; you cannot co-exist with cancer. Unless you conquer it, it will conquer you. At this moment their forces are spreading and winning.

Christianity over the last 2,000 years has converted less than 10 percent of the world's population. On the other hand, communism, which came into reality only in 1917 with the Bolshevik revolution, has enslaved more than half of the world's population in less than 70 years. I want you to understand that the communist strategists proudly declare that by the year 2000 they will achieve their goal of total world conquest.

By the way, they have every reason to believe that they can conquer the world by the year 2000. During the Ford and Carter administrations, the free world lost 12 more countries to international communism. In Latin America, Nicaragua followed Cuba into the communist sphere. But that is not all. They are presently trying to export their revolution to adjacent countries. El Salvador is burning, Honduras is in a tense situation, and Guatemala is also a target. We do not know what is going to happen in the next two or three years, but the situation will not stand still. Unless we improve it, the situation will get worse.

The next 10 years will determine the destiny of Latin America one way or another. At the present time we are not doing too well. We keep giving up, losing more ground every day. Something must be done now, not tomorrow. But what must we do? First, we must understand communism. What is communism anyway? What is the true power of communism? Whence does its power come? We must understand that communism is more than a political system, more than a social system, more than an economic system.

Communism is an ideology. The power of communism comes from philosophy and ideology. Once this philosophy and ideology reach the heart of man, it has the power to transform and control him so totally that the individual becomes a weapon of communism. Let me illustrate the point.

The last time I visited Argentina, I went to a military school where terrorist weapons and tactics were on display. I saw all kinds of incredibly cruel things-weapons to kill with, techniques for blow up automobiles, etc. Then one officer showed me a large bottle containing pills. When I asked what they were, he told me they were cyanide pills. Communist guerrillas keep cyanide pills on them always. When the worst comes, they bite the pills rather than surrender; they kill themselves.

Here we see the power of ideology. Even though we understand that communism is based on lies and deception, once this ideology reaches the innocent heart of man, it will conquer him to such an extent that he will give his life for the communist cause. That is the true power of communism. With this same power the communists won in Vietnam using bamboo spears. Behind the spears was the formidable power of ideology. Thus, in order to combat communism, we must fight with the same weapon: ideology. An evil ideology must be subjugated by a superior one. Fire for fire. There is no other way to fight and win this war.

Truth and Deception

Free people say, Well, we have democracy. But democracy is not an ideology; it is a system of government. Some say we have freedom, and yet freedom is not an ideology either. Freedom is the fruit we enjoy when democracy is practiced. Then what do we have? Really nothing. We do not have the proper weapons to combat the aggressive communist ideology. This is precisely where we are today. It is essential, therefore-it is the will of God-that a new ideology emerge. It must be a God-centered ideology, and it must do two things. First, it must totally expose the lies and deception of communism. Only truth can expose a lie. However, that is not enough. It must, second, present a clear counterproposal or solution to communism. That is what Unificationism is all about.

Today millions of communists live in our world, but they are not necessarily our enemies. They are, rather, the victims of communist lies. Many well-motivated and idealistic communists have been misled. If only they had seen the truth sooner, they would have followed it with all of their passion and zeal. We must feel compassion for the victims of communism and feel a duty to liberate them from their chains. Only with a superior and true ideology can this be accomplished.

This is happening in Japan. Through the application of Unificationism, the communists have been forced onto the defensive for the first time in their entire history. In the light of Unificationism, the communists see the lies and deception inherent in their beliefs and they feel liberated. Unificationism has taken the ideological offensive.

Furthermore, Unificationism also has the power to engender a new level of dedication to the human cause, one even stronger than communists have to theirs. Since Unificationism awakens men to a higher value system, it is natural that this new worldview inspires greater commitment and devotion.

The CAUSA movement is international. Why? Because our enemy is international. Communism is international in scope. We are fighting against one and the same global enemy everywhere. The communism I faced in Korea and in the Far East is the same you face here in Latin America. Communism is an international conspiracy, and their objective is global conquest. Communists promote international camaraderie and work as international teammates, supporting each other according to the Kremlin's global strategy. You cannot isolate Cuba or Nicaragua from the global context of communist strategy.

Cuban soldiers are everywhere in Africa, South America, and the Middle East. Russian military advisors work there, too. Russian tanks and Mig jets are stationed in Nicaragua. Russian helicopters bring war supplies from Nicaraguan bases to El Salvador. Bear in mind that communism is an international conspiracy, and in order to counter it, we need a united effort on an international level. That is what CAUSA International is working to accomplish.

This seminar is a good example of our work, since it is an international gathering. How wonderful it is that people here from 10 different countries-160 people-are engaged in conversation and united in one common objective. The free world needs this kind of effort to overcome the threat of communism. At the Acapulco seminar in North America, we had the northern counterpart to this conference. One hundred and forty-nine leaders came together from 15 different countries. We were inspired about one common objective and we agreed on one common purpose. This effort exists not only in South America but also in Central America, the United States, and Canada, and we will eventually coordinate the same effort in Asia, Africa, Europe -- everywhere! The free world has not yet witnessed such spectacular global-level cooperation against communism.

We must promote the spirit of common survival and common destiny. In this way your victory is mine and my victory is yours. The greatest contribution that CAUSA can make to this effort is to give hope to free and determined people everywhere that they are not alone in the fight against totalitarianism.

So, finally, I want to close my opening speech by quoting a Bible passage: "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."

No matter what the communists are doing or how powerful they are, we have every hope of victory because God and truth are on our side. Lies never overcome truth. Darkness cannot conquer light. No matter what, God and truth shall prevail. That is our goal. God and truth still need their champions, and you and I are chosen to be those champions.

I have some recommendations for the seminar program. I would like you to be open-minded during the next few days. Even if you do not agree with everything we say, be open-minded from beginning to end. In time, we will give you ample opportunity to express yourself. We are not the only ones who will talk; you will also be able to talk.

I want you to participate. You are not here to be just an eyewitness or a bystander. I want you to be an integral part of this seminar. I want you to get involved and participate. This is very important.

I request that you do not miss the presentations or the lectures because everything is systematically organized. If you miss one lecture, it will be very difficult to catch up the following day or in the following hours. Please participate in every lecture. This will be a very spiritually rewarding and intellectually heart-warming week, I am sure, and a mentally hard-working time, too. This is why we allow time for a few hours of relaxation in the afternoons.

During the next three days, I am going to be here between 7:00-8:00 p.m., and I will answer questions. Someone told me, "In Unificationism you have a diamond." Yes, we have a diamond, but it has not yet been cut and polished. There are some rough edges, so do not be alarmed or small-minded. Do not be troubled by small things. At the same time, as soon as you recognize a diamond, you can help us polish it. We can work together to perfect our formula. Thank you very much.

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