Truth Is My Sword Volume I - Collected Speeches in the Public Arena

by Bo Hi Pak

Inauguration of the New Victoria Plaza Hotel

November 24, 1996

The inauguration of a new annex tower and a newly remodeled Victoria Plaza Hotel in Montevideo, Uruguay, served as the occasion for the following speech. On November 24, 1996, Dr. Pak explained the background and significance of this major investment. A modern five-star hotel with state-of-the art conference facilities, the Victoria Plaza prominently stands out as a premier landmark for Uruguay and the southern cone.

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. Just yesterday, Rev. and Mrs. Moon inaugurated Tiempos del Mundo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This new-born newspaper is the bridge of truth and information between North and South America, and eventually will be printed all over Latin America. It is truly a magnificent undertaking.

Today Rev. and Mrs. Moon are here with you to inaugurate this new Victoria Plaza Hotel, the first five-star hotel here in Montevideo, Uruguay. Such an experience for most people is a once in a lifetime. But for Rev. Moon it is almost daily business.

Ladies and gentlemen, why are they doing this? Why did Rev. Moon build this hotel here? He has so many other projects in progress around the world. Yet, his interest in Uruguay is absolutely extraordinary. Why has he focused so much of his attention on Uruguay?

As the one who pioneered Rev. Moon's Uruguayan investment, I would like to briefly testify as to why Rev. and Mrs. Moon decided to make this dynamic investment in your wonderful country.

First, he strongly believes in the Uruguayan cause. Uruguay is one of the most democratic countries in the entire world, with a government of the highest moral and ethical standard, led by dedicated leaders, such as President Julio Maria Sanguinetti.

Second, Uruguayans are great, industrious people with the highest educational and cultural levels. They are destined to be future leaders of Latin America, and an example to be followed.

Rev. and Mrs. Moon love your country and love your people and firmly believe that Uruguay is on the way to becoming an advanced model for the developing nations in this hemisphere.

He is especially impressed by the beautiful family traditions of the Uruguayan people. This touches him most. This is why he is now making Uruguay a center of such great activity-to promote family values and a God-centered way of life throughout all of Latin America and to the world. This is the purpose of his founding the Family Federation for World Peace. It is Rev. Moon's deepest hope that Uruguay can be a launching pad for this moral crusade and family movement around the world.

This afternoon at 3 o'clock, there will be a sisterhood ceremony between Uruguayan and Japanese ladies at the Municipal Sports gymnasium. These two far away countries will become close neighbors. They will become one family. Distance will be conquered. This is one good example of the work of the Family Federation for World Peace.

After these ceremonies, 4,200 Japanese ladies will go to 35 countries of North and South America, 120 ladies to each country, and the sisterhood ceremonies will be spread all over Latin America. What a wonderful thing! If this is not the true way to promote world peace, then what is? The goal of Rev. Moon in investing here in Uruguay is more than money, more than religion-it is to save the family, thus creating true world peace.

Rev. Moon, however, is also very much interested in the economic prosperity of Uruguay. He told me at the groundbreaking of this hotel years ago that the construction of the new Victoria Plaza will be the turning point of the Uruguayan economy.

Today at this inauguration, we are making that economic turning point of Uruguay. It is already happening. Glorious days lie ahead for Uruguay. I salute you all Uruguayan leaders and Uruguayan people, who Rev. and Mrs. Moon love the most.

As someone who has watched this Victoria Plaza being built, this is truly an emotionally moving moment. I salute Rev. and Mrs. Moon for this great contribution.

God bless the Victoria Plaza Hotel. God bless all those hands which built this hotel. God bless all staff and employees of the Victoria Plaza Hotel. Finally God bless Uruguay. Thank you.

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